The Philippines Is The Top 3rd Country In The World To Tweet About The Avengers

Just a few days after Avengers: Endgame premiered in the Philippines it started breaking records in the box office. The Avengers cast even had a special message for us Filipino fans as it made nearly $4 million on the first day alone, cleanly surpassing past premiere day records. Now, it seems like we’ve made another record when it comes to Marvel.

avengers endgame

Twitter analytics recently released that the Philippines was the 3rd top country to tweet ‘Avengers’. This means we largely contributed to Avengers: Endgame being the most-tweeted about movie ever. We came in behind only the USA and Brazil. 

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The full list is as follows: 

1. USA

2. Brazil

3. Philippines

4. Thailand

5. Malaysia

6. Japan

7. UK

8. Mexico

9. Indonesia

10. France

Analytics also came out with the most talked about characters, with Iron Man strangely coming in 3rd as well. He was beat out by Thanos in the top spot and Thor in second: 

1. Thanos 

2. Thor 

3. IronMan 

4. Captain America 

5. Hulk 

6. Loki 

7. Spiderman 

8. Black Widow 

9. Groot 

10. Nebula

Thanos is more understandable, with all the memes and jokes about him even way before the movie premiered. Perhaps the Thor tweets were majorly made up of people arguing about whether they liked his new look or not. 

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Honestly, this is not even surprising as it has been nearly 3 weeks now since the premiere but my timeline is as filled with Avengers content as ever — maybe even more now that spoiler ban has been lifted. 

What was the best tweet you saw about Endgame? Share it with us in the comments!