The Perfect Romantic Treat: A Sweet State by Hanz


When In Manila and you’re thinking of ways to surprise your special someone, A Sweet State by Hanz’ box of desserts is the best gift of love.  Chocolates are already common. With this box of cake and cupcakes, you’ll be giving your loved one a variety of sweets and flavors to choose from, designed uniquely and creatively to melt anyone’s heart.





Sweet state





According to a foreign legend, a dashing bachelor fell in love with the daughter of the best baker in town. To show the purity of his love and intention, he baked the best cupcake that has ever been tasted in the land. You need not be a talented baker to craft the best cupcake for your loved one. Let A Sweet State by Hanz sweep off your love. 





Here are some suggestions to give her a surprise.





Make a quick visit and give her a box of A Sweet State by Hanz artisan cakes in her workplace.


Chocolate chip cookie dough

 Let your love indulge in white chocolate cheesecake with gooey chocolate chips and whipped cream.





Nothing beats a quick hello with a gift expressing how much you remember him or her today. This is effective for partners with busy schedules. It shows that you respect one’s work demands but sweetly reminds her to take a break with artisan cakes that cannot be bought anywhere else. When In Manila and you buy additional A Sweet State by Hanz’ cupcakes for her officemates or housemates, you get instant supporters around her rallying for you.


Send her a box of A Sweet State artisan cakes in the morning, with a bunch of fresh flowers.



chocolate chip dougn


  Any kind of flower will look even more gorgeous with a box of these vanilla mocha cupcakes.





Beautiful bouquet makes a woman’s heart flutter. A surprise gift in the morning, consist of not only flowers, but sweet breakfast as well, can make her day one of the best she had so far.  This also works best for the girls who usually skip heavy breakfast in the morning. Even if you don’t tolerate such routine, sending her a box of cupcakes show that you care like no other and will surely remind her of you the whole day.





Go digital, and put the clue of your surprise in a card attached to a box of A Sweet State by Hanz artisan cake.





 The treat that makes the heart jump: swirls of red and white chocolate velvet cheesecake. Enjoy!





The beautiful packaging of A Sweet State by Hanz’ delicious artisan cakes sends the good signal that you only want what’s best for her. Attach a card in the box with sweet messages like, “Here’s something to make you smile today” followed by a link of a YouTube video of her favorite song. You can go all out by making a personalized video of the collection of her pictures, while her favorite song plays as background. She’ll surely be extra proud and rave about it on FB.










Personally, I find this product very enticing both to the eye and palate. One can be guaranteed not only of creatively-designed toppings, but deliciously-baked flavors as well (see it to believe it!). Unlike other sweets that can be satiating, A Sweet State by Hanz’ cupcakes come in various flavors and fun designs. The blend of flavors and ingredients are just the right mix for a perfect dessert.  And to those worried of their diets, A Sweet State by Hanz’ is the perfect treat that you will not be guilty of eating (you’ll understand this once you’ve tasted it).






 Beautiful toppings? Wait ’til you see the creative design of flavors inside!




The meticulous design shows how much flavor-crafting has been done to come up with a cupcake screaming of love. The artistic topping of the cupcake is just the tip of an iceberg, see for yourself the burst of flavors revealed by a delightful bite.


Nutty Banoffee Cupcakes
This luscious banana-walnut and chocolate chip cake, made with Dulche de Leche will surely give your love a gastronomic escape from stress!





According to scientific studies, sweets are proven to affect the mood positively, heighten energy and alleviate depression as these release opiates in our blood. Sweets also help our body in terms of increasing dopamine, the body chemical responsible for happiness (Reed and McDaniel, 2006). Thus you can be sure of making your special someone happy with these cupcakes of love.



 cupcakes catalog





For inquiries and orders, you may contact Hanz through A Sweet State by Hanz facebook page. Tip: A Sweet State cheesecakes are must-haves. They’re just too delicious to resist! 




cheesecakes catalog




A Sweet State by Hanz is a desserts brand that has already been famous in the UP campus. Those who have tasted it can’t help but want for more! I myself crave for more of its cakes while doing this write-up. Below are the comments of some customers who have tried the product:


From Noelle Filoteo:  “Hi Hanz! Just wanted to tell you that everyone here at home loved your cupcakes! Can’t wait to order again! ♥”



From Minot San Jose: “BEST CUPCAKES EVER ♥”



From Erika Uy: “I go gaga over these cupcakes. Seriously, I spend my allowance on huge doses of these!”



From Vincent Yu: “Hanz makes the best cupcakes in the universe!”



From Ralph Morales: “Agree 100%! 😀 These are the best cupcakes!”




Good news for those who want to order: A Sweet State by Hanz has a very affordable special offer for this season of love, you can check out the site to know more about it. And you should pre-order online immediately, because these cupcakes are really in-demand. So When In Manila and you’re thinking of the best way to surprise your special someone, A Sweet State by Hanz is the perfect gift and treat! 

A Sweet State by Hanz

Contact Person: Johanns Ng

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The Perfect Romantic Treat: A Sweet State by Hanz


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