The Only Weekend Adventure Backpack You’ll EVER Need: Pacsafe Venturesafe 25L GII

With only a few weeks left in 2016, I’m sure you have some ideas of where you will be traveling next in the coming year. With the promise of cheaper flights and more places accessible for even just a weekend, there is little excuse to not travel.

For the overnight excursion in the provinces, or a three-day hop around Southeast Asia, Pacsafe’s handsome little travel backpack is quite literally everything you need to carry your gear.

Pacsafe Venturesafe 25L GII

Pacsafe is a brand known for safety features and technology for those “you never know” moments. When exploring places like flea markets in Bangkok, to night markets in Taipei, to a hidden ramen house tucked away in an alley in Tokyo, it always pays to be just that little bit more careful and have just that little bit more peace of mind. For that, it helps to have the right, safety-conscious gear.

Outsmart Pickpockets

Pacsafe’s world-famous eXomesh slashguards wrap around the bag, covering the lower front, bottom, and side body panels. The stainless steel wire mesh prevents knives and other sharp objects from ripping open the backpack.

pacsafe venturesafe review

pacsafe venturesafe review

pacsafe venturesafe review

When I visit crowded temples, museums, and zoos, I am forced to “kangaroo” my old backpacks; it not only looks terrible, it’s also uncomfortable and causes back pain. Venturesafe GII’s panel zippers can be attached to security hooks, delaying any attempt to open zippers and sneak in a feel for your wallet, room key, or smartphone. That sort of security and peace of mind is nearly priceless!

Outsmart Thieves

The thick shoulder straps have loads of padding, ensuring comfort even when standing for an hour in a foreign MRT, but they also hide a safety feature. Both straps have carrysafe straps, steel wires that prevent them from getting cut by desperate thieves.

pacsafe venturesafe review

pacsafe venturesafe review

Whenever I travel for more than a day, I tend to move around backpacker hostels and this means carrying my gear all the time, including while using public transportation. Walking around is tiring, and falling asleep in the train or a bus is a real risk. That is why my absolute favorite feature of the Venturesafe GII is its Turn & Lock Security Hook. I can release the strap at one end and loop it around my seat rest or a train’s safety handle and voila! I can rest, knowing that my things will not just be some thief’s “tourist take out”.


pacsafe venturesafe review

For smarter thieves who specialize in the digital world, each Venturesafe GII comes with an RFIDsafe blocking pocket – a perfect organizational pocket to contain your passport, credit cards, and electronic keycards.

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