The new “Deadpool 2” poster pokes fun at “Logan” and is a cheeky nod to “Infinity War”

Deadpool 2 is the sequel that we’re all waiting for.

The witty, backtalk-y, always hilarious Deadpool is just waiting to be back on the big screen and brings us this beautiful poster to really drive the point home. The master of meta has one-upped himself yet again. If last week he was dancing circles around Celine Dion in heels, this week his new trailer dropped with some visual elements very similar to Infinity War‘s.

This hilarious poster also includes: “From the studio that killed Wolverine.

” Stay strong, Marvel. This is great stuff. I especially love the swan. Good touch, artist!

Check out the (incredibly funny) poster here:

Deadpool 2 poster

We just can’t wait for Deadpool 2! We wonder what’s in store for us especially since we’ve just barely escaped the great pain that Infinity War brought to us. It’s still too much sometimes.

What do you think of the new poster? Do you like it? Let us know!