The Mind Museum: Where Science Comes Alive


When in Manila, the best place to appreciate the complex world of Science is The Mind Museum. Much has been said about the country’s first world class museum – some of which are this, this, and this – and it only deserves the recognition it has been getting. Once again, The Mind Museum delivered its promise of providing an interactive experience as it celebrated the International Museum Day.



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Home to five galleries that boast of Filipino creativity, The Mind Museum is perfect for educational trips and family bonding activities.



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Last Friday, The Mind Museum joins the world in celebration of the International Museum Day. To make the day at the museum extra special, informative lectures and interactive workshops were held.


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Some Mind Movers were dressed in costumes for that extra scientific feel



Mind Series



The Mind Museum invited local scientists to share with us how it is to be the minds behind all the studies and innovations that make our lives easier and more enjoyable.


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I really loved it that through the lectures, we were able to know what’s going on in the field of science and technology. It’s not everyday that you get to learn how doctors and scientists work together to come up with a vaccine for dengue or study about human microbiome and Norovirus.




Our local scientists believe in the power of museums such as The Mind Museum in helping people see the beauty and wonders of Science.



“It (museum) gives life to the books that you read, the National Geographic that you’re watching, your imagination,” says Associate Professor and Specialist Microbiologist Marilen Parungao-Balolong.



Mud or Machines



The Mind Museum visitors were given two workshops to choose from: Vermiculture Workshop and Robotics Workshop.


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Vermiculture is the process of using worms to decompose organic matters to help sustain plant growth.


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Organic Farming Specialist Conrad Esemple talked about the benefits of vermiculture during the workshop


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Did you know that worms have five hearts and that they’re actually hermaphrodites?



Kids really had fun getting their hands dirty with the worms and the soil while the Mind Movers teach them how to take care of the worms which by the way they took with them home!


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It was a nice family bonding activity as well


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Who said it’s just for the kids?



I even heard one kid said “Now I’m not scared of worms anymore!”



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During the Robotics Workshop, kids got to listen to the maker of Mimo, the Mind Museum talking and walking robot — Joe D’ Mango!


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He shared his knowledge about robots and he showed us some of his awesome robot collections! Kids can’t help themselves from asking questions and Joe D Mango answered them all!


After the short discussion on robots, the kids were given the opportunity to try making robots themselves.


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Mind Games


The Mind Museum also held a competition where the contestants’ knowledge about the exhibits at the museum was tested.


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Aside from offering a great museum experience through its exhibits and innovations, The Mind Museum also gave us the chance to celebrate the International Museum Day in the most wonderful way possible which just proves it’s really world class. When in Manila, let science come alive at The Mind Museum! Science needs you!



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THE MIND MUSEUM: World Class Science Museum

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Telephone Number: 909-MIND (6463)