Mind Museum in Taguig: Experience Science and Technology, World-Class!


When In Manila,  drop by the country’s first “World Class Science Museum” in Taguig–the MIND MUSEUM!





All around the world, SCIENCE is a necessity. Everything we do, see, feel–involves science. Even us, ourselves, we are considered science. TECHNOLOGY, on the other hand, is a need that facilitates science. A need that continuously evolves and introduces innovation in our lives. Together, science and technology make who we are and what we have now.


We experience science and technology everyday, and in the Mind Museum, science and technology will come ALIVE right in front of your very eyes! 


Mind Museum


Located at the J.Y. Campos Park, in Bonifacio Global City–the 12,500 sqm Mind Museum, will give its audience an opportunity to see, understand, feel and most of all, appreciate the beauty of science! With its over 250 interactive exhibits, surely, the Mind Museum will supplement its viewers with knowledge and appreciation of what science and technology is!





1. The people who conceptualized the Mind Museum and made efforts to bring it to life–actually are a team of Filipinos.  


2. The exhibits are mostly originally designed by Filipino artists who worked with fellow Filipino scientists and engineers to picture to life Science.


And because of this 2 reasons, the Mind Museum is a perfect representation of Filipino talent all over the world!





Well, first of all, EVERYTHING is “HIGH-TECH”! The Mind Museum is technology overall, from the first thing you will notice when you enter… is already technology!






Aedi says hello to everyone!



The Mind Museum is divided into five main galleries. Each gallery focusing on one major category of science. And in each gallery, you will have a better appreciation of it using different technology 🙂


The ATOM Gallery shows how amazing science is from the tiniest particle on earth. In this area, audience will appreciate sound, chemistry, magnets..



Life size Periodic Table of Elements with Examples–if this was what was shown during my younger years.. I would have appreciated elements more! 🙂




UL-UR: Whirlpool–shows what happens inside a whirlpool; Fusion and Fission: how they are different from each other (they light up!) 

LL-LR: Magnets; Chemical Bonds



The EARTH Gallery tells of the story of the planet Earth from billion of years ago until the present; a 3D animated film made by an all-Filipino crew that features 4.6 billion years of the planet’s natural history and evolution in 12 minutes.


T-Rex: Life size Fossils




The UNIVERSE Gallery features the mysterious vastness of the universe. In this gallery, a small and unique planetarium  gives the audience a simulated star-gazing from the point of view of literally laying down on a bed beneath the stars.








The LIFE Gallery is a gives us a better appreciation of LIFE itself. From the DNA to cells to a giant human brain model, this gallery is where we can see how our body parts work, what each part does and how they contribute to us.




The Human Story 



The DNA: our very blueprint



The Human Brain: biggest brain I’ve seen so far!



The Technology Gallery, located above all four galleries, shows how we, with the tools we invent and innovate, are able to express our evolving humanity. It is the story of how we humans have explored ways of being alive!





Love Math? You’ll surely love this big pythagoras table 🙂


* * *



This lightbridge connects you to one gallery to another 


I’m not really into museums, I mean, I don’t get “SO EXCITED” during our fieldtrips when I was in High School.. But now, I can say this one’s different! The Mind Museum will surely kept my curiosity level on hype!


So, for high schoolers out there, don’t miss the chance to visit the Mind Museum, you’ll apreciate your science classes–Chemistry and Biology so much after you’ve seen everything here!  



SO, WHEN IN MANILA, curious to see all of these? check out the MIND MUSEUM at BGC Taguig! Opening this MARCH 16, 2012!




Website: www.themindmuseum.org

Phone Number: 909-MIND (6463). 


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