The legacy lives on with comfort Cantonese cuisine at Ling Nam

WHEN IN MANILA and craving for an old school Chinese comfort food? Might I suggest to head over at Ling Nam!

Ling Nam literally translates as “southern part of the mountain”. It stands as a symbol of a province in Canton, China. Its walls trailed with history, tradition and dishes that holds stories of their own. We had the pleasure of meeting its proprietor Mr. Peter Fung, and was graced with his stories about Ling Nam from the good ol’ days to the bustling success it is now.







We started off by hearing a bit about the history of Ling Nam that started as a little Cantonese restaurant at Binondo, Manila and gradually rose among top competitors that caters Chinese Cuisine. I remember when I was younger, my parents and I usually go to this place. Of course, I didn’t know it was called Ling Nam then until I asked my mom recently about it. How proud am I to be growing up loving Ling Nam’s legacy and being able to meet their scion!



They are proud that they never deviate from their recipe from then until now and stay true to their uniquely Ling Nam taste. Staying true to what authentic Chinese Cuisine is and strict consistency with service and taste is what makes Ling Nam strong. 


As a young patron for Ling Nam’s cuisine, my ever favorite will be their Beef Wanton Noodles – a steaming hot broth of beef garnished with leeks and leafy vegetables. Imagine my happy face when they served us my childhood noodle. Oh dear, I got teary-eyed mind you, its been a decade since i went to Ling Nam again!


Our group fell in love as well with their Chicken Noodle Soup! A warm, comforting noodle soup with strips of chicken and garnished with leafy vegetables and leeks. Perfect for our current cool climate.


Another group favorite is their Beef Hofan – stir-fried beef with wide rice noodles and bean sprouts. Genuinely tasty and savory! This has made it to my to-order list the next time I go to Ling Nam again!


Bite size Salt and Pepper Squids surely hits the spot! With the right crunch and savory taste, munching this little squids of wonder is just perfect!


The legacy lives on with comfort Cantonese cuisine at Ling Nam

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