The Last Privately Owned Da Vinci Painting Will Go On Sale

If ever you’ve wanted to get your hands on an original Leonardo Da Vinci painting, you may have to prepare well over $100 million after this painting gets sold at an auction in New York!

Salvator Mundi leonardo da vinci

The privately owned “Salvator Mundi”, which is estimated to be from around 1500 A.

D. depicting Jesus Christ as the world’s savior, was initially thought to be a copy of the Italian artist’s, until it was eventually proven to be authentic.

Da Vinci, whose works were already well sought after during his lifetime, has only fewer than 20 artworks still existing to this day, all of them held in museum or institutional collections, except for “Salvator Mundi.”

According to Christie’s, there are very few pre-19th-century artworks that are privately owned, and it is even rarer for them to be offered at an auction.

According to Loic Gouzer of Christie’s, the co-chairman of the auction house’s Americas post-war and contemporary art department:

“For auction specialists, this is pretty much the Holy Grail, no pun intended, but it doesn’t really get better than that.”

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