The Lake Hotel Tagaytay: Truly The Happiest Place in Tagaytay!

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The Lake Hotel Tagaytay: Truly The Happiest Place in Tagaytay!


It’s always a delight to spend getaways at The Lake Hotel Tagaytay. Seriously, ever since I experienced their service and that unforgettable perfect view of the Taal Volcano, I’ve never stopped raving about them to all my friends.

There’s definitely so much to love about The Lake Hotel Tagaytay that’s why I always yearn to visit  more often. 

During my 1st visit last year, my partner Frank wasn’t able to join me, so last weekend, I made sure we were together so he could also experience all the things I’ve been raving about! 

We traveled to Tagaytay after work so we arrived late in the evening (from the bus terminal at Coastal Mall)….

The Lake Hotel Tagaytay-8Good thing Sir Rod Reyna waited for us so Frank was able to hear him play! Sir Rod Reyna is  one of the reasons why I keep coming back at The Lake Hotel Tagaytay. He plays piano really well!


The Presidential Suite

Staying at their Presidential Suite is a sure MUST EXPERIENCE even though I thought it was too big for both of us. It was very spacious with Lazy-Boy Sofas in the living room which also includes a dining table fit for a family. 

The Lake Hotel Tagaytay-3

As you can see in the photo above, Frank looks so “at home” while watching TV in our suite….


The Lake Hotel Tagaytay-25

We haven’t had dinner yet, so we decided to order room service and dine in our room…. We loved each dish and devoured them all to the last morsel!

The Lake Hotel Tagaytay-36


The Lake Hotel Tagaytay-26

The Lake Hotel Tagaytay-2

Guests can actually book 2 rooms in their Presidential Suite but since we were only 2, we only needed to use the Master’s Bedroom. The design of the whole suite is quite classic with lots of elegant wood furniture. Our room turned out as one of the most relaxing ones we’ve experienced in all our travels since it came with an orthopedic mattress for maximum comfort.

The Lake Hotel Tagaytay-112I love the way on how they make sure all guests stay relaxed and pampered. I felt they really cared about us…

The Lake Hotel Tagaytay-1a look at the toilet and bath


The next morning, we woke up quite early as we knew we had a long day ahead. For breakfast, Frank had his favorite cereals while I opted for Champorado and Tuyo!

The Lake Hotel Tagaytay-43

The Lake Hotel Tagaytay-45

Fresh Guyabano juice was also available, so we took the opportunity to try it as well!

The Lake Hotel Tagaytay-41


The staff informed us about their newly built Recreational Building so Frank and I decided to check it out…The Lake Hotel Tagaytay-343


The Lake Hotel Tagaytay-94

We discovered they had another indoor pool at the ground floor…. Nice!

The Lake Hotel Tagaytay-256

They also have the coolest KTV rooms in Tagaytay located at the basement!

The Lake Hotel Tagaytay-69

Then at the 2nd floor is where you can find a billiard pool and an area where you can play board games to keep guests entertained and busy.

The Lake Hotel Tagaytay-86We also checked out their gym at the 2nd floor where we were assisted by their super friendly trainer. 

The Lake Hotel Tagaytay-80

 He will even happily design a fitness program for you to follow when you become a gym member!


After that nice workout, Frank and I returned to our suite to enjoy a quite relaxing afternoon by our veranda…

The Lake Hotel Tagaytay-116

The Lake Hotel Tagaytay-123

I believe this is the best spot in Tagaytay! Best afternoon ever!!

The Lake Hotel Tagaytay-127

while relaxing, we even ordered some Pancit and Lumpiang Shanghai for our merienda! Solb!


KTV Party at Night

Night time came and we were invited by The Lake Hotel Tagaytay staff for a night of singing and more pigging out! We had a  photo shoot with them earlier in the afternoon, so we had the pleasure of  working with them. After the shoot,  they invited us in the evening for a little celebration. This time, we sang our hearts out in one of their KTV rooms!

The Lake Hotel Tagaytay-263

We bonded with Jeff, Telle, Denise and Gen! They are super fun to be with! Super “kulit” and cool!

The Lake Hotel Tagaytay-253

We love the staff here at the hotel as they are all equally “kalog” like us! hihii


The Lake Hotel Tagaytay-266

We indulged in their pica picas

The Lake Hotel Tagaytay-274

… well as their grilled boodle platters!

Frank and I missed singing too much that I remember finishing way past midnight! lols


Woke up to a glorious morning:

At exactly 8am, their room service delivered  a breakfast feast right in our suite! WOAHHHHH!! Instant fiesta!

The Lake Hotel Tagaytay-311

We love breakfasts and this particular experience was indeed very memorable!

The Lake Hotel Tagaytay-314One of the loveliest and heaviest breakfasts we’ve experienced! Compliments to the Chef!

The Lake Hotel Tagaytay-293

The Lake Hotel Tagaytay-318

We loved everything especially their homemade pineapple jam! I hope they can make more of this so I can probably buy a jar or 2 to bring home!


This time, it was definitely harder to leave….. huhuhuhu With all the new amenities, new friendships established, good quality affordable food, affordability, “hominess,” and that signature heart-warming genuine service, we really couldn’t ask for more! And with this new epic experience, we can truly conclude that The Lake Hotel  is indeed the Happiest Place in Tagaytay!

The Lake Hotel Tagaytay-365


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The Lake Hotel Tagaytay

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The Lake Hotel Tagaytay: Truly The Happiest Place in Tagaytay!

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