The Lake Hotel Tagaytay: The Ultimate Family Hotel in Tagaytay

 Lake Hotel Tagaytay Taal Volcano Mae Ilagan When In Manila (183 of 229)

The Lake Hotel Tagaytay 


meet Rod Salazar Reyna, the pride of The Lake Hotel Tagaytay

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When in Manila and in need of fresh air and a quick well deserved retreat, I believe Tagaytay will always be one of the ideal places to go to, due to its cool breezy climate and short distance from busy stressful Manila. With the countless hotels and inns offering their hospitality services and all relatively having the same rates, how could you know which hotel to choose then? With this, allow me to once again share with you my personal experiences about this new place I discovered – The Lake Hotel Tagaytay 

 It was one of those days  when I had another episode of my wanderlust addiction. No known antidote still ( yay!) I had no plan (as always). It was one of those impromptu trips where I even arrived at the bus terminal around noon where all passengers were hopelessly waiting for a bus to arrive. I felt hopeless for a moment (around 5 secs) with the thought that my whole weekend might be ruined, without something new to experience and no tale to tell. It was heartbreaking! But no, there was no turning back! I’m never the person who easily gives up! If there’s a will, then there’s a way!


without any hesitation, I left the long queue and hopped on the next departing bus and begged the conductor and driver to take me as a chance passenger! I remember saying, ” Manooooooong pasabit!!” lols


Lake Hotel Tagaytay Taal Volcano Mae Ilagan When In Manila (90 of 229)Every time I passed by the Aguinaldo highway, I always felt curious and captivated by The Lake Hotel‘s facade due to its very clean minimalist structure and landscaping. There has always been this force which lures me to this place so I thought to myself, it’s time to experience what The Lake Hotel had to offer


Lake Hotel Tagaytay Taal Volcano Mae Ilagan When In Manila (91 of 229)



Lake Hotel Tagaytay Taal Volcano Mae Ilagan When In Manila (125 of 229)

 I was greeted with  a set of the brightest warmest smiles I’ve encountered! I immediately felt I was in good hands! 



The Lake Hotel Tagaytay’s Deluxe Lake View Room

I was very lucky that day for I was able to get their room with the best view – the Deluxe Lake View room! I soooo loved everything about my room! Upon entering I noticed the extra single bed. It was only then when I found out that my home for the weekend, The Lake Hotel was actually a kid-friendly family hotel, so their rooms were all designed to fit around a family of 4!  


I only have praises for this room! Exceeded all my expectations! I find it to be simple yet elegant. Not as lavish compared to 5 star hotels of course, but the comfort and quality it had was way above its standard.  It was a very cozy room with lots of natural sunlight coming in! I loved the earthy toned color scheme.  Ideal for families and honeymooners! hihihi


Lake Hotel Tagaytay Taal Volcano Mae Ilagan When In Manila (121 of 229)

I adored the veranda a lot! I remember spending quality “me” and tea times there while gazing at Taal Volcano’s magnificence!


Lake Hotel Tagaytay Taal Volcano Mae Ilagan When In Manila (69 of 229)

My view from the veranda!


Lake Hotel Tagaytay Taal Volcano Mae Ilagan When In Manila (109 of 229)

 After that relaxing “me” and tea time, I treated myself onto a nice warm bubble bath!


Pampering oneself after a full work week is never a bad idea! For me, it’s part of rewarding myself and respecting my own body. Also, we are all aware that stress is the primary cause of fatal diseases so make sure to know how to manage and relieve it!




…after a few hours, just before the sun descended, I woke up with the sound of giggling kids joyfully frolicking by The Lake Hotel‘s infinity pool. I went down the garden and sat at one corner beside the pool and turned on my Paparazzi mode. Nobody seemed to notice me. For a while, I felt invisible, as if I didn’t exist and strangely felt…. happy! I was an observer then, capturing moments normal people often took for granted. A genuine smile, a mom’s tender hug, a tap on the shoulder. I couldn’t stop my index finger from clicking the shutter and adjusting my aperture and shutter speeds to make sure I captured all there was to immortalize. 


 precious moments




Lake Hotel Tagaytay Taal Volcano Mae Ilagan When In Manila (20 of 229)

Seated peacefully I was, with a mind soaring with ideas and realizations. 
The images I captured were so simple yet sweet and so priceless that  I wished I can someday show them the shots.

Then all of a sudden without any warning, music from a live performer filled the whole place….


As I gazed and worshiped the sunset, I felt so relaxed and eased with the music playing at the background. I went to the lobby where the pianist (Rod Salazar Reyna) performed and noticed the guests were singing along with each familiar tune he played. They didn’t sing out loud but I could tell by the soft murmurs their lips made. It was my 1st ever time to experience a live piano player serenading the guests on a normal weekend afternoon in a hotel. He was such a delight to listen to!



 For dinner, I ordered an all Filipino course. I was surprised with the huge serving of their Ensalada complete with green mangoes, steamed okra, grilled eggplant, salted eggs, sliced tomatoes, dried fish and fish paste. It looked more like a platter and I highly recommend you order this when you visit The Lake Hotel!


Lake Hotel Tagaytay Taal Volcano Mae Ilagan When In Manila (68 of 229)

Before going back to my room, I ordered a glass of Blue Margarita to celebrate the day’s little achievements. Yeah, I always find reasons to celebrate no matter how big or small my achievements were. It has been my habit to always find the good in any situation. As for this day, I rewarded myself for being brave enough to hop on that jam-packed bus! I’m so proud of myself for not giving up! =) 



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