The Incredibles 2: A 14-Year Incredible Masterpiece

Article by Kevin Choa

DISCLAIMER: No spoilers here. Don’t spoil the fun for others :))

It’s been a 14-year wait since the first Incredibles and a much-awaited sequel the entire time despite all the box-office hit superhero films that came out since then. Brad Bird’s latest masterpiece not only shows his old(er) winning formula of zooming in on the everyday lives of superheroes, but also adds in a lot of newer challenges, technology, and updates to keep everything fresh and produce a sequel that could well outclass the original.

This is something worth 14 years of waiting and 14 more of watching on loop every single day – truly one of the most incredible films to hit the big screen so far this year.

It’s a huge welcome-back party for Brad Bird, who really wanted to return ever since the original Incredibles came out, but never really had all the pieces and ideas to fit things together. With two other films that already defined childhood for a lot of us (The Iron Giant and Ratatouille), it’s no surprise why he wanted to return to the chair and continue his most successful franchise to date.

For us fans, it’s also one of the best throwbacks to our childhood: seeing the Parr family fight their way through the streets in their super suits, Lucius asking Honey where his super suit is, and dealing with Samuel L. Jackson not swearing at all throughout the film (considering his off-the-cuff expletives have been his calling card in almost anything else he’s starred in). It’s also been an age-old question wondering whatever Underminer was and how Elastigirl could achieve her model-esque looks with all the stress of raising three kids and dealing with a rather oversized and annoying husband.

It’s that right blend of funny and action scenes combined with some cute and sassy ones in between that keep your eyes glued to the screen.

What makes this better is that everything is so easy to follow, that even those who haven’t watched the original film can catch up. Even with new characters added to the list and an entirely new plotline compared to the original Incredibles, this one feels like a different movie that can easily stand out on its own.

Super suits aside, arguably the best part of the movie is whatever Screen Slaver is supposed to be. All of a sudden, it feels like what happens when a superhero film has hints of some Black Mirror episodes and other sci-fi movies where evil robots start to attack. As much as I want to spoil how good of a villain it is compared to so many others in superhero movies, it’s just something you really need to see to believe. The ingenuity of that and how it really affects and changes the action is in a class of it’s own. It’s not just scary for what it can do, but also is incredible for the dynamics behind it.

It takes a great film to break the box office and earn billions, but it takes an incredible one to continue the legacy and set the future for other movies in the genre. Even with the technology becoming more and more advanced for superhero movies over time, no film so far can put it on full display with an easy-to-follow storyline. Add in the fact that The Incredibles series lived on making someone’s daily life more interesting, and you can see why this sequel is a must-watch. As good as the original is, this might be the movie that breaks the notion of watching the films in chronological order. Forget that, this one’s incredible on its own.

Waited too long for this sequel? Wait no more; Incredibles 2 is now showing in various cinemas around Manila! Check your nearest cinema for more details on show times.

Special thanks to PMCM Management and Resorts World Manila for the screening!


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