The Iconic Nickelodeon Slime Has Been Sent to Space!

Anyone who grew up in the early 2000s has some sort of memory of Nickelodeon and their green slime. They used to dunk it onto people in various TV shows and it eventually became a whole thing for their Kids’ Choice Awards. Well, that goopy green stuff was recently sent into space as SpaceX Dragon cargo. Yup, on July 24, the iconic green slime went to space.

However, Nickelodeon isn’t planning on dumping the slime onto unsuspecting astronauts though. The slime went to space for science! According to

The science investigation, titled “Non-Newtonian Fluids in Microgravity,” will examine the physical properties of slime in microgravity through a series of fun experiments, and astronauts will record videos of the “zero-g” slime to share with the world. (The term “zero-g” is actually a bit of a misnomer; the International Space Station is still subject to Earth’s gravitational pull, but the astronauts experience a constant state of freefall as they speed around the Earth.)

Chris Pratt getting slimed at the 2019 Kids’ Choice Awards | Nickelodeon

The astronauts will be doing all sorts of experiments with the slime, one of which is a game of “slime pong”, where they’ll use ping-pong paddles to smack slime globs back and forth. They’ll also fill up little balloons with the slime and “toss them around the space station”, among other things that they’ll do with it. Sounds like fun to me!

Six small pouches of slime arrived at the space station on July 26. It’s safe to say that the astronauts are currently playing with the green goop—in space!

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