Astronomers Find Two New, Possibly Life-Supporting, Planets

Exciting news! It seems like we discover something new about our universe everyday, and today is not any different. Astronomers have found two planets orbiting a nearby sun and their suspicion is that these planets can sustain life.

Illustration by Valdinakova | DeviantArt

The two planets are billions of years old and are almost exactly as big as the Earth. It also seems like they could both support water and have habitable temperatures based on the distance they’re orbiting around their star.

The star they’re orbiting, Teegarden’s star, is said to be an ancient star that is only 12-light-years-away from our world. “Only” being the operative word as 12-light-years equates to 70,540,000,000,000 miles as reported by CNN. According to the research, Teegarden’s star is stable and doesn’t seem to have any damaging solar flares that could harm populations living on the planets that orbit it.

This is promising news for us! Astronomers have long been searching for habitable planets outside of our own. And while these assumptions are not first-hand observances (yet), it really makes us question our ‘aloneness’ in our universe.

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Would you be willing to live on a different planet?


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