The Hearty Grub: 6 Reasons Why You Should Finally Get That Meal Plan

In this fast-paced day and age, I’m pretty sure that most single professionals would agree that having delicious home-cooked meals for every single meal of the day just isn’t as easy as it sounds. For working people who live independently and are in the office most of the time, setting aside time to cook meals can be a tedious task–especially when you don’t have a choice (speaking from experience)!

It’s even harder to keep up with your diet plan when you don’t have time to prepare! One of the biggest reasons why I haven’t kept up with my diet is because fast food is usually the easiest and fastest way to get some food into my system.

Fortunately, that’s not the only way anymore.

I tried signing up with The Hearty Grub, an organic meal-delivery service in Metro Manila, and honestly, it is the best thing that ever happened to me food-wise! Here are 6 reasons why:

  1. It makes life so much easier!

I cannot even stress how much my life as an independently-living working woman changed so much after having my meals delivered every day. The amount of stress it took away from me for not having to think about what I’m going to eat next is massive!

I didn’t know I could actually enjoy stress-free days of work, and that’s thanks to having one less thing to think about.

the hearty grub 3

  1. It helped me stick to my diet

I’ve been trying for ages to stick to my diet, but the amount of food I keep cooking (and consuming) always gets the best of me. I always never know how much rice and ulam I should have for each meal. Thankfully, with The Hearty Grub’s calorie counted meal plans I don’t even have to worry about eating too much because I can be sure that the amount of calories in each meal is just what I should be eating.

Who knew dieting could be that easy?

the hearty grub 4

  1. All the meals are so delicious

When I first thought about doing meal plans, I was honestly a bit scared that I would then not enjoy my meals. Well, I thought wrong. Every single one of the meals delivered to me was so good! My personal favorite was the Buffalo Chicken Wrap. Plus, there’s a wide variety of meals that they offer–from rice meals to burgers!

the hearty grub 2

  1. It’s all organic

I never thought that eating healthy could be that easy. Just having meals delivered to me every day, and all of them being organic? That is the life.

Plus, you can choose between calorie counted meals, keto meals, or high-protein meals!

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  1. Their delivery service is super accommodating

The meals are delivered the night before, which is absolutely convenient especially for those who either have to get up and out of the house too early in the morning, or for those who want to sleep in and not get up to receive their meals for the day.

Plus, if ever there are changes in your delivery address (just like I did), they will kindly adjust for you.

  1. You can save more time, effort, and money

With their calorie counted meal plans starting at PHP 1800, and with 3 meals a day delivered 5 days a week, that’s just PHP 120 for each delicious meal! And with the time and effort you save, it’s really worth more than that. Plus, the quality of the food you’re getting is above and beyond what you pay for.

I can’t even understand why I didn’t choose to sign up for a meal delivery service sooner. It has changed my eating ways, and I’m pretty sure that those organic meals delivered to me in 3 weeks were healthier than the meals I eat in 3 months.

Well, it’s safe to say that The Hearty Grub should be your go-to option for when you want to finally stick to that diet without having to compromise time, effort and enjoying your food!

The Hearty Grub

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