The Happy Tables: The Whole World in One Hub

Being in the Metro gives the people easy access to everything. Establishments, services, entertainment and what to not forget? FOOD! As a basic need any human requires, the urban is complete with all kinds of food offerings. There are restaurants here and there, a kitchenette located at the next block, food courts inside the mall and the latest craze of food parks. Indeed, the Philippines is one hungry nation.

With all the food parks making people happy everywhere in the city, one needs to make a difference to last longer in the food scene. Here is the best news to all the people of the North! A new resto-hub is now open to serve you and satisfy all your cravings.

Happy Tables

Happy Tables, a one-stop venue to fulfill all the cravings you ever had and will ever have. Officially opened last October 7, the resto-hub stands to make an impact. Different from other food parks, Happy Tables offers a restaurant dining experiencecatering quality food offerings at a very reasonable and remarkably affordable price. "As the name goes, it literally defines a happy place where the family dines together, as all meals ought to be enjoyed. With a strong vision to leave one thing in mind, an unforgettable memory of happiness and taste that lasts long—one our palette will never forget. At Happy Tables, food quality matters most!" strongly stated by Mr. Oye Peralta, proprietor.

Located at Congressional Avenue Extension, this newly opened resto hub is unlike any other you’ve tried. It houses 17 food stalls, each representing a country and its most celebrated and authentic foodgasmic cuisines. Each offering was thoroughly researched before making it available to the Filipinos’ hard-to-please taste buds. Some of the business owners went to different countries to experience the culture and food. They conducted numerous food tastings to come up with a specialty grub for everyone. Here is the selection you can find at The Happy Tables:

Happy Seoul

Happy Tables

Anneong Haseyo! A happy tummy is a happy soul. Catering premium Korean beef.

Wings Central

Happy Tables

All aboard! A great selection of flavors in all the major destinations of the world. Offering the best tasting chicken wings and to-die for mojos.

Seven Yurts Mongolian Buffet

Happy Tables

Saihan Hoollooroi as you eat all you want! Choose from the extensive list of fresh ingredients and homemade sauces, brought to you by the original owners of Sweet Inspirations.4. Ton Nik & Pao – Score! Try their mouthwatering pasta and grill offerings, heartwarming French Onion Soup and succulent Beef Belly, slow-roasted for 10 hours.

Ton Nik & Pao


Score! Try their mouthwatering pasta and grill offerings, heartwarming French Onion Soup, and succulent Beef Belly, slow-roasted for 10 hours.

Cartel’s Cali-Mex

Happy Tables

Riquisimo with your chipotle and burritos using lime rice.

Chicago’s Best Burgers


All time favorite burgers, wait, with peanut butter? Interesting!

G. Ongpauco’s Krispy Pata by Barrio Fiesta

Happy Tables

Kain na with authentic Filipino cuisine.


Happy Tables

Oishi! A fine dining Japanese food at a very affordable price.


Happy Tables

Muy delicioso Paella Valenciana and Salpicao De Pamplona. When was the last time you had great Spanish food?

Hong Kong Foodie

Happy Tables

Ni hao as you grab the authentic Hong Kong street food.


Happy Tables

We hate school but we love their nitrogen ice cream!


Happy Tables

Your favorite breakfast meal, anytime of the day!

Moe & Bel’s Wholesale Bakeshop

Happy Tables

THE best desserts this side of town! Look for Ms. Marissa and ask about their wholesale program!

The Life Lounge

Happy Tables

A separate floor for diners who want to chill and grab a beer.

Pizza Stop

Happy Tables

Need we say more?

FAB Sizzlers

Happy Tables

Their Sizzling Wagyu steaks and Tofu are superb!

Blue Sparks Café and Deli


If you love coffee, you will love it that they have this at Happy Tables. Totally unexpected!

Happy Tables

With its trendy yet practical structure, and IG-feed worthy yet mouthwatering offers, Happy Tables is a place not just for millenials, but for the whole family as well. Really, anyone with discriminating taste buds will definitely get hooked with this place! Happy Tables is now open from 5pm to 1AM, Monday to Sunday. You can follow them on their social media: Facebook – Happy Tables, Instagram – @happytablesph

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