The Good Box PH: 5 Reasons Why This Diet Delivery Service Stands Out from the Rest

The Good Box PH: 5 Reasons Why This Diet Delivery Service Stands Out from the Rest

The Good Box PH  Whole What Banana Pancakes and Coffee

We all have different fitness goals. Some of us may want to lose weight. Some want to gain weight, while some seek to maintain it. In all of these cases, healthy eating is necessary. However, let’s admit it: we’re all too busy to prepare honest-to-goodness food on our own. We compromise quality food for mere convenience. Our lack of time unfortunately leads us to resort to * gasp *  fast food and junk food.

The Good Box PH

 The Good Box Brownie

The Good Box PH is here to change all that. 5 meals a day for 5 days a week, they’ve got you covered. What sets this brand apart from the rest, though? Check this out:

The Good Box PH: 5 Reasons Why This Diet Delivery Service Stands Out from the Rest

5. Their resident nutritionist-dietician personally e-mails you.

While other brands also have their own nutritionist-dieticians, this is usually mentioned in a generalized manner (e.g. “our licensed nutritionist”). At The Good Box PH, Fia Bantua, RND, Licensed Nutritionist-Dietician / Fitness Specialist (yes, I actually know her name) will e-mail you once you have accomplished the fitness questionnaire on their website. She will then give you a prescribed diet plan, complete with detailed instructions on how you should go about it: what you should avoid, how much water you should take, what exercises you should do, and what time it would be best to take your meals. Check out to find out pro tips and articles related to ways you can improve your health.

The Good Box PH

Ham Bagels with Herbed Scrambled Eggs + Fruit + Juice

4. Their meals include bottled drinks.

Diet delivery brands often include tea bags and/or sachets of coffee as a part of their meal plans. The Good Box PH spares you from the hassle completely. May it be milk tea, juice or coffee, they simply put the beverage in a bottle. All you have to do is twist the cap and gulp!

The Good Box PH

3. Their resident chef graduated from Enderun Colleges and has interned at well-known hotels locally and abroad.

Chef Crissy facilitates the preparation of the meals.  Aside from having a degree in BS International Hospitality Management, Major in Culinary Arts, she has gained international experience by being an intern at Shangri-La Boracay, Gurneys Inn, Montauk, New York, and The Grand Hyatt, Tampa Bay, Florida. Given these stellar credentials, it is no wonder why their meals are so sumptuous and appetizing.

The Good Box PH

Curried Vegetable Burger

2. They offer a wide range of calorie-controlled programs.

Most brands only offer 1,200 calories per day to 2,000 calories per day. Conversely, The Good Box PH caters also to individuals who need an intake of 2,100, 2,400 and/or 2,700 calories per day.

The Good Box PH

 Apple and Cinnamon Porridge

1. They offer Special Meal Programs for medical conditions/special needs.

Not just an ordinary calorie-based meal delivery service, they take into consideration medical conditions of their customers. Those who have diabetes, gout, hypertension, etc. will be given a special meal plan to cater to the needs. The Good Box PH also offers the South Beach Diet Meal Plan to those who follow the program.

The Good Box PH

Fresh Tomato Cannelloni

Address your needs today. Give The Good Box PH a chance to help you out. Prices start at P2,750.


The Good Box PH

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The Good Box PH: 5 Reasons Why This Diet Delivery Service Stands Out from the Rest


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