The Farewell Tour: The Moffatts Press Conference

The 90s were the heydays of boy bands and like a lot of young girls back then, I was crazy over them. The usual formula of boy bands? They had to be a group of good looking guys who not only can sing but also dance. But in the midst of those, came a different kind of boy bandThe Moffatts.

Now they, too, had the looks (they still do), but this Canadian pop rock band consisting of four brothers (Scott, Bob, Clint, and Dave) set themselves apart because they played their own instruments.

The Moffatts became the biggest selling international band of all time in the Philippines. If you grew up in the 90’s, you’d know their songs were really good! I know I personally listened to Miss You Like Crazy over a thousand times, imagining they were singing it for me. And their song If Life is So Short? That became my song for my unrequited teenage love! Remember these lyrics: If life is so short, why won’t you let me love you before our time is through? What is #hugot!

Here’s a little trivia: Did you guys know that when The Moffatts visited the Philippines for the first time, they performed at Hard Rock Cafe in Manila and the glass door entrance collapsed because so many fans were clamoring to get inside? Who would’ve thought that 16 years later, The Moffattsnow all grown upwould be back in Manila for what is deemed as a farewell tour?

I got the chance to meet the guysScott, Bob and Clint Moffattduring the Farewell Tour: The Moffatts press con and here are just some of the questions asked:


What can fans expect from the concert? 

A lot of fun. And I’m excited to get back to the drums. – Bob 

What’s the difference of The Moffatts music from your new music?

It’s different for sure. More country act. – Bob

My stuff is actually more pop. I think that it’s got a lot of similarities with The Moffatts music. – Scott

How different is it being a musician in the 90s and the present? The good side and the bad side.

I guess in the 90’s, you could just make music, show up and do the show. The show would end there. Now it’s like 24 hours a day nonstop kind of celebrity. It felt a little more cozy, felt a little more human, you know? – Scott

But one thing about social media too is that it’s allowed us to stay in contact with a lot of our fans. – Bob 

Have you been in touch with your Filipino fans? 

Yeah. All the time on Facebook. I have my own uni-site where I do Facebook Live performances every Friday. – Scott 

We’re very active on Facebook – we do Facebook Live every Wednesday as Endless Summer. – Bob


Are you open to doing another album as The Moffatts?

Yes, if opportunity presents itself. Honestly this whole thing was unexpected. We were just talking about it 6 months ago and we agreed. The first thought we had really is let’s have fun. And now we’re here. – Clint

As unexpected as it was that The Moffatts were back in Manila, I know I am but one of the many fans out there who were thrilled that they came back!

Were you there at the show? What was your favorite moment of the night?

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