The Epic (3D Animation) Movie Review: A Movie of Tiny People with Big Lessons

When in Manila, 20th Century Fox and Blue Skies Studios will give us a different meaning to the word – Epic. Epic is an animated movie that will bring us to a whole new world and dimension where creatures of the nature talk and fight for a good cause. 


At school, we learned Epic as a long narrative poem that shows heroic adventure; and as we grew up and embraced diferent transformations in the lingo – we usually use the word “epic” to describe something good or awesome. Well, Epic (the Movie) has both the heroic adventure and awesome ingredients that I am giving this film a two-thumbs up. 


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The story begins when Mary Katherine (call her M.K.! voiced by Amanda Seyfried) reunites with her estranged dad, Professor Bomba (Jason Sudeikiswho has spent years trying to study, research and stalk what he believes are tiny people who lives in the forest. Like M.K., I would not be convinced of such story even if there are evidences of recorded voices and tiny saddle and swords that Professor Bomba has collected. 




Until M.K. was transported to this new tiny world, met a beautiful Queen named Tara (Beyonce) and suddenly needed to play an important role in saving the “mini” world. She needs to be part of the team to fight the forces of decay (Boggans) and ensure the balance in the ecosystem. 


As M.K. tries to understand her mission and finds her way back home, she is accompanied by leafmen – Ronin (Colin Farell), Nod (Josh Hutcherson),  interesting talking slugs – Mub and Grub,  and the insightful, Nim Gud (voiced by Steven Tyler). Amazing, I know! 




The movie does know how to bring the audience into a roller-coaster ride of emotions as leafmen fight and fly with birds. There are moments of suspense , horror (on my part upon seeing capes made of rodent skin!), and even romance (you might even encounter a love-triangle). Please don’t hate me for falling inlove with another animated character – the Leaf Boy, Nod is just so careless yet adorable.  There are usual comedy acts in between shots, but the most hilarious part for me would be in the perspective of the tiny leafmen who sees human as tall, slow, moving creatures. 


More than the funny antics and whimsical characters, the movie will leave us with interesting quotes and lessons, especially from Nim Gud (try to catch ’em at the course of the movie!). 


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