The Day Manila Made History: 5 Things We Loved from History Con 2016

Last August 25-28, History® had its very first history convention, History Con 2016. The four-day event was held at the World Trade Center Manila and thousands of guests came to see the exhibits, join the activities, and meet celebrities from History. The event was not only entertaining but also educational.

Here are our top picks of things we loved about History Con 2016.

5. Fun and Interactive Activities

If you think that History Con is all about history books and dusty old antiques then you’re in for a surprise.

You can climb up the indoor rock climbing wall then rappel down the other side. You can also test your survival skills in the middle of the wild, brought to life through virtual reality, with an adventure based on History’s reality show, Alone.


Safety First




Brandi & Jarrod try out the Alone Virtual Reality Experience

You can also shoot some arrows in the target range or wage war with your friends in the field in Archery Attack. Or if you prefer something out of this world, take a tour of the galaxy in a virtual tour.


Let some arrows fly in the shooting range or


Play against your friends


Take a tour over the cosmos

There are a lot more activities in History Con 2016 that everyone can enjoy!


Yeah, you can get inked in History Con 2016!




4. Setting New World Records

As History Con 2016’s tagline, “Manila makes History,” it is the perfect time to attempt to set new world records and be written in the books. Three world records were set during the event: largest serving of garlic mushroom, most burgers eaten in one minute, and longest TV watching marathon.


That’s 335 kgs helpings of garlic mushroom. Great job CCA Manila and Jolly Eats!


Congratulations to Rix ‘Terabite’ Francisco who finished 5 full Zark’s Burgers in 1 minute!


100 hours of watching TV!? Big congrats to Francis Gerodias and Andrew Casano

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