The Chinese Food That’s Looking To Woo You: Wu’s Kitchen

Words by Cole Manalac

Photos by Joshua Go

Chinese food, whether you like it or not, is always going to be a staple in the Philippines. We all know monoliths like Gloria Maris and Choi Garden are fantastic places to go and get your fill of Chinese delicacies. With an atmosphere so grandiose, it’s obvious why people go to these places to celebrate and eat.

However, there’s another restaurant in town that’s looking to captivate your heart with their Chinese catering, and that’s Wu’s Kitchen. Today, we’re going to show you what you can get at the Kitchen of Wu.


To start us off on our Chinese journey, we have their Beef Broccoli (380 Php.) We were surprised at how fantastic the beef looked. The sauce that came with it was able to make the beef shine and glow, and it was evident in its taste as well. Resident Chinese WiMtern, Joshua Go, was able to enjoy it a lot. He was pleasantly surprised by how delicious it tasted and commented on the quality of the meat. In his words, “it’s really good.” To add to this, the broccoli was a nice touch. It made us feel healthy!


Next, we had the Roasting Combination which consisted of the roasted asado, lechon macau, roasted duck, and soy chicken (1550 Php for 6-8 pax.) This was something we were able to enjoy greatly. The packaging was attractive and well-presented. Besides that, every piece of meat had a distinct flavor. The duck gave a savory flavor that was more than enough to fill up our stomachs. Of course, both the asado and soy chicken were a perfect fusion to round out our tastebuds. Finally, the lechon macau gave the right amount of oomph to the entire platter, which helped us loop back to the duck once again. We enjoyed rotating the meat with each other, which helped diversify our meal greatly.

Joshua simply gave a thumbs-up as he continued devouring the food.


For Filipinos, a meal wouldn’t be complete without rice. Luckily, Wu’s have got you covered with their special Wu’s Fried Rice (300 Php.) Their yang chow is a fantastic addition to all the meat you’re going to eat. Its yellow hue assures you that this is the real deal. Of course, as per custom, the rice is topped with a variety of vegetables and egg to ensure you that these calories are healthy and worth it. A perfect side to the different types of meat that they serve, you won’t be disappointed by the food.


So? What are you waiting for? Wu’s looking to woo you, and make sure you say woohoo with every bite! Check out Wu’s Kitchen for some fantastic Chinese food!

Wu’s Kitchen

G/F 707 Shaw Blvd.. Bgry. Kapitolyo. Pasig City

FB: @WusKitchenPH

Landline: 638-2708

10:00AM – 10:00PM