The Camp, Baguio City: Where It All Happens

The Camp, Baguio City: Where It Happens


So I was out again in Baguio City when I discovered this awesome nightlife attraction called “The Camp“. The Camp consists of 2  establishments: “Just Another Damn Good Sick Joint” and “Sala”. It’s located in front of Teacher’s Camp in Baguio City just along Leonard Wood Road. Here are some highlights about the place. 


Just Another Damn Good Sick Joint

The Camp Baguio CityLocated at the ground floor, left wing of The Camp.

The Camp Baguio City

It’s the perfect place to go to on a night out in Baguio City. If you’re a How I Met Your Mother fan, I’d recommend you check this place out.

The Camp Baguio City

Its walls are decorated with Barney Stinson’s famous “Bro Code” to keep you busy and enticed while chilling out.

The Camp Baguio City

On the other side of the wall, the Sister Code is placed for the ladies. The concept of this design is based on Sex and the City.


Now we move onto the favorite part of every reader: the menu. The menu of The Camp was designed by Mr. Benjamin Munar. He has worked on several high rep establishments like Baguio Country Club, Hyatt Hotel, and Tagaytay Highland. The following dishes were specially designed for Just Another Damn Good Sick Joint to emphasize the theme of the place.


The Camp Baguio City

Chicken Burrito

Chunky, juicy, and not the usual burrito that you may be used to. Perfect for heavy eaters.

The Camp Baguio City

Hickory Beef

Tender beef that goes perfectly with the onions in every bite. 100% beer match.

The Camp Baguio City

Pork Medallion

One of my favorites on their menu. Just the right saltiness and creaminess to complement the hot sauce.

The Camp Baguio City

Braised Rabbit

It was my first time to taste a rabbit, and it did not disappoint. Rabbit meat is nothing compared to chicken or beef. It’s a bit more chunky, and gives off an exotic flavor and aftertaste. I recommend this 100% if you go to Baguio City.


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