Nagomi Spa: A Touch of Heaven in Baguio

Nagomi Spa: A Touch of Heaven in Baguio

After a long day filming pranks for my channel, I decided to explore Baguio a little bit more. Walking through Burnham Park, I came across this establishment in Kisad, just above The Midland Courier. My curiosity decided to kick in; I went inside the building and up on the top floor, I saw Nirvana in the form of Nagomi Spa.

Nagomi Spa

Happy haggard face of a hard worker who just found a temple of abundant relaxation.

Nagomi Spa LoungeThe lounge is filled with good vibes and a very soft couch that will hug your stressed body to transcendence.


Nagomi Spa‘s rooms are very clean and all in all offers a family-friendly environment. Specialty rooms are offered depending of the type of massage that you choose.


Nagomi Spa Thai RoomThe Thai room, which is specially made for the Thai massage that they precisely execute with the finest touch.

Nagomi Spa Common RoomThe Nagomi Spa common room. There are 2 common rooms that are specifially designed for men and women to promote a family-friendly environment.

Nagomi Spa Couple VIPThe VIP Couple room is specially made for couples that are craving for pampering and comfort. It has its own shower room inside, too.

Nagomi Spa Green VIP Jacussi

The Green VIP room can accommodate up to three people. It has a Jacuzzi for a complete experience and a shower room, as well.

Nagomi Spa SaunaNagomi Spa has two saunas to separate male and female clients. It is very rare to find a spa in Baguio that offers a sauna.


Nagomi spa offers a very unique massage called the Nagomi Massage, which has combinations and strokes that are not available in any other spas in the vicinity. I highly recommend you try it out. Aside from this, they also offer aesthetic consultations for plastic surgery and acupuncture. 

My experience in Nagomi Spa was one-of-a-kind – the type of sensation that offers tranquility and purity and which will make you come back over and over again.



Nagomi Spa


Nagomi Spa


#16 Kisad Road, 3rd floor,  Midland Courier Bldg., Baguio City

10:00 AM- 12:00 MN

(074) 424-0002



Nagomi Spa: A Touch of Heaven in Baguio


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