The bus scene in “Sex Education” is called the best TV moment so far

Warning: Sex Education season 2 spoilers ahead

Sex Education season 2 is now streaming on Netflix and one of the scenes in this show was dubbed as the best TV moment so far.

The scene that we’re talking about is the bus scene that involves Aimee’s storyline.

In season 2, Aimee’s storyline focuses on the aftermath of her getting sexually assaulted by a man on the bus.

After that incident, Aimee’s struggles begin such as being unable to ride the bus, having a hard time being intimate with her boyfriend, and envisioning her attacker almost anywhere.

When Aimee was sent to detention, she finally tells her friends what she’s been dealing with, and she learns that they’ve all been in similar situations.

After hearing Aimee’s story, all of her friends meet her at the bus stop and help her overcome her fear.

A lot of praises about it were posted on Twitter.

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