The Archies are Back… But This Time, They’re in India

The Archies were a huge part of my childhood. I literally grew up reading Archie comics. Every Friday, my dad would come home with an Archie comic for me and my siblings, and we’d swap over the weekend, immersing ourselves in the chaotic and dramatic lives of Archie Andrews, his girls, and his crew.

Since then, we’ve experienced various iterations of the Archie comics on the small screen – from cartoons to the apparently still ongoing Netflix show Riverdale. None of them really captured my attention long enough, though. I hadn’t really come across anything that gave me the same sort of comfort and happiness that the Archie comics did back in the day. But then I saw the trailer of The Archies during TUDUM and I felt a real excitement for it.

The Archies in India Netflix e1687246973631

Screenshot from Netflix’s YouTube Channel

Skeptical of The Archies set in India? Don’t be. It really looks like it’ll be amazing. Without even introducing the characters, you can instantly see who’s who. Pop Tate’s Chocklit Shoppe actually looks like Pop Tate’s Chocklit Shoppe. There’s music. There’s dancing. And just generally, it gave me the same happy vibes that the comics used to when I was a kid.

Watch The Archies trailer here:

Any fellow Archies fans here? What do you think of this version of The Archies?

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