The 7 Cons and 7 Pros of Being ‘Too Skinny’

The 7 Cons and 7 Pros of Being ‘Too Skinny’


While everyone is currently preparing their bods for summer time madness, there are also others (including me) who try to ‘prepare’ for summer, but can’t just seem to gain muscle at all. Say hello to us – the ‘too skinny’ ones. Whether you are naturally too skinny because of genetics, a forgiving metabolism or a combination of the two, it’s sometimes hard to accept that this is just the way it is.

When we hear the word “skinny”, the image that usually comes to our heads are the ones with those sexy curves and unflabby arms; but when you add the word ‘too’, it all changes. We also most often see and hear about “how to lose weight in 1 month” or  “how to get abs in 7 days” when in fact, here we are, trying to read unpopular “how to gain muscle for skinny people” and “recommended diets for underweight people”.  So now, for all those who were often teased “Teenie Weenie”, “Poste” or “Chicken Legs”, here are:


The 7 Cons and 7 Pros of Being ‘Too Skinny’ 



#1  Believe it or not, finding clothes is relatively hard.

The 7 Cons and 7 Pros of Being 'Too Skinny'_1

It’s hard not to be conscious of a slender frame, and finding clothes to suit it therefore gives us certain dilemmas. Yes, it’s easy to find clothes to ‘wear’, but it’s hard to ‘find’ certain designs with dimensions that actually suit you – especially if you have those flailing thin forearms (which is also a problem for non-skinny people).

Choosing the proper size also poses a problem. Sometimes, your friends will usually recommend “Small” when in fact, choosing that size will just make you look even thinner than you already are.


#2 Deep V-necks are a no-no.

The 7 Cons and 7 Pros of Being 'Too Skinny'_2

To guys: Nope, we CAN’T wear this (yet)

This speaks for itself. Just imagine it.


#3 People readily assume you have an eating disorder.

The 7 Cons and 7 Pros of Being 'Too Skinny'_3

When you go to a family reunion, they will always ask “Ang payat mo ah! Kumakain ka ba?” the minute they see you. Yes, po, we do hahaha. Blame it on our speedy metabolism.


#4 You have dimples… but not the cute kinds.The 7 Cons and 7 Pros of Being 'Too Skinny'_4Those semi-sunken cheekbones are even more visible, especially from the side. Because of this, it would advisable to flaunt nothing but the front of your face, so people won’t notice them.


#5. We’re going to the beach? Ok yey, but oh nooo.The 7 Cons and 7 Pros of Being 'Too Skinny'_5

Yes, going to the beach is one of the best parts of summer, but it’s hard  to get excited about swimming when you have to plan on how to not look too skinny in public hahaha.


One of your pictures might just end up like this..


#6  Getting sick cannot be in our vocabulary. 

The 7 Cons and 7 Pros of Being 'Too Skinny'_6

As human beings, it is very normal to get sick every once in awhile; but as skinny guys, we have no weight to spare. Unfortunately, long-term sickness tends to make people lose weight as time goes by. The moment you get a fever or a week-long cough, your appetite will usually slow down and this names things worse for us. This results in us spending months trying to gain at least ONE POUND and then just losing it after getting sick. Very unfair 🙁


#7  It’s a bit hard to tell your friends, “Hey, I work out, too”.

The 7 Cons and 7 Pros of Being 'Too Skinny'

Though, just because you technically go to the gym, you cannot just all be conceited to your friends about it haha 

You might be one of those people who were finally inspired to go to the gym at least thrice a week, and that’s great! However, whenever your relatively well-shaped pals talk about gym, it’s kind of difficult to say that you also go to the gym because of the ‘fear’ that they won’t believe you or might just judge you.