The 24 worst ways people’s names have been misspelled on their cups

It’s a smidgeon colder in Manila which means so many of us can finally justify getting scalding hot drinks at cafes! Or not, if that’s your style. Either way, the holiday money means extra moolah for our favorite beverages. And hearing the satisfying call of our name at the counter to collect our drinks is unmatched.

However, some of us don’t feel that satisfaction all the time. Sometimes things go wrong. Terribly wrong. Maybe it’s the wrong name. Maybe it’s misspelled. Maybe they misheard you so badly that a completely different name was called out altogether and you eventually stepped up to the counter super awkwardly wondering if that’s your drink.

It happens.

Here are some of the funniest stories of misspelled names on coffee/milk tea cups.

24. That’s too many Hs

One time they asked me if “Nicole” had an “h”, I said, “Oh thank you for asking, no h.” I got “Niccholle.” I don’t know where they were going to put that other “h.”

23. Hi, Ms.

I know my name is complicated soooo I told them that my name is Mischa and it’s spelled like “mis” – “cha” but when they returned it to me, it said “Ms. Cha.”

22. I can’t

I was buying food and the cashier was gonna call my name ‘cause y’know still making the food so okay. Gave my actual name. Marielle. It’s fine if it’s mispelled no worries. I didn’t go far from the stall so I was able to catch my order. They didn’t call my name but I checked what name they wrote on the receipt. It said “Pearl.”

21. That’s very different from “Anna”

I got Luna once at Starbucks and thought it was someone else so I waited so long and had to ask the barista where my drink was… My name’s Luna na pala. 

20. Eustine?? Injustice

I told them my name was Tin because I usually get Justin some variation of Christine or Christy if I tell them my name is Justine.

Here are other things Starbucks baristas have called me:

Jizzy (UGH I was mad about this for several days)

One time I said Justine with an E and I got “Eustine”

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19. That’s a lot of Xs

Whenever I tell them: “it’s Xandra, with an X,” I get a drink: “Xandrax.”

So I tried using Xands by telling them: “like, buhangin, but with an X.”
So I get “Sandsx.”

Eventually I tried “Sam” to make it simpler.
I got “Sun”


18. There were mistakes on every level

My name always gets mispelled so its been a habit of mine to spell it to the barista. This one time, I spelled it as usual, E-L-E. The cups come back as TLE and he says coffee for Tele?

17. It’s literally just 3 letters?

So my full first name is Kirstenne Clare and I shortened it to Kit because nobody says my name right and at least with Kit it’s 3 letters so I assumed it’s easier to understand. But people still get Kit wrong esp when I’m ordering a drink.

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16. Her name’s Nadine.


15. Mim

I was out with friends when we all decided to get some coffee to end the day. It was fun, we had such a great time, and we just wanted to sit down and relax before heading home. I went to the counter and ordered with my name “Mei-Mei.” The barista seemed to have a hard time hearing me and had to ask: “Sorry, ma’am? Mimi?” I answered: “No, Mei-Mei.” When they called out the drink they said “Mimi” still and when I looked at the cup it said “Mim.”

14. “With a ‘g.'”

A coffee shop that closed down near my place kept spelling “Angela” as “Anjela” instead. With a “j.” One day I thought to correct them. “Angela with a ‘g,’ po.” I got my cup after. It said “Anjelag.”


13. Is that a new month?

Zaqaree becomes Jaquary. I don’t even know how, it’s probably just the name but I was sure I said it right. Didn’t really bother telling the barista the correct spelling after they were done, because I was done.

12. Why would they think this was okay?

 I’m pretty sure Salve got turned into Saliva at one point. ?

11. Open Sesame

We called in to order milk tea and [my friend] gave her name. When the drinks came, they were all named under “Sesame.” Her name is Stephanie. But, yeah, she was Sesame from then on.


10. Her name’s Janel

John L.

9. Uhhh

Ordering drinks at the counter. Barista asked for my name. I was a little distracted so there was a lag in my brain and I went “uuhhhh, Nicole”. Drink came out, it was named “Anika”.

8. Those are a lot of Hs

I got Kharluh once. I’m sure the barista was going out of his way to make it as weird as possible.

7. That’s… not right

It was super crowded and noisy so I guess the guy didn’t hear me properly when I said Bernice. ? The guy reading out the name looked confused for a good few seconds trying to read it.

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6. That’s isn’t even remotely correct

My name is Angel…. they wrote Nicole. So now whenever I’m there I just say Nicole and it’s become an inside joke between me and the baristas.

5. More power

I said ‘Sky’ but when I got the cup it said ‘gay.’

me: ……..

4. How??

Idk either. My name’s Max.

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3. Very different vowels.

I had my name misspelled as Anseo one time. My name’s Anthea. That’s gonna be my pen name one day.

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2. Jus-11

When I used to go by “Justine” I would get ticked off because they would always spell it like “Justin” which is a guy’s name. ? So one time I decided to be clearer and say “Justine, with an E” and they wrote… “Justen.”

1. Her name’s Rani

For some reason laging nagiging granny, I try to pronounce better.

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