Thanks to her breast implants, this woman is still alive

A woman in Canada survived a close gunshot wound to her chest thanks to her breast implants. In a study published SAGE medical journal, doctors believe that the woman’s breast implants were able to deflect a bullet from her vital organs.

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The shooting happened last 2018 in Toronto, Canada. Details about the shooting are unclear, but a CNN report says that the woman walked into the local emergency department seeking treatment after being shot. The woman suffered a gunshot wound, broken ribs, and broken implants.

breast implants


According to the study, there are only a few cases of breast implants ruptured due to firearm injury published in the literature. It said, “Although rare, these observations lend support to the hypothesis that indeed breast implants can save lives.”

The doctors also stated that their analysis of bullet trajectory to showing the implant saving this woman’s life is first of its kind.

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