WEIRD: Dog Plastic Surgery Is An Actual Thing

Those with pet dogs understand how these animals quickly earn a space in the owner’s heart and become family. Because of this bond, pet owners usually spend for surgeries and treatment when the dogs get sick or hurt. These days, however, pet owners are spending for a different kind of surgery– cosmetic dog surgery.  Chosun Daily reports on the rise of Korean pet owners getting cosmetic surgery for their dogs.

doggie plastic surgery

A translation of the article by the website Koreaboo says:

“This is the photo of the dog before (left) and after (right) receiving plastic surgery. This procedure was done due to the inner eyelids pointing towards the eyes. The dog’s eyes are bigger after receiving this procedure. There are many people wanting this procedure done due to those reasons.

Recently, Miss Lim visit the vet with her five-month-old puppy to get vaccinations. The veterinarian however asked if she wanted her puppy to receive ‘dog cosmetic surgery.’ After looking at his face closely, the veterinarian pointed out the gap between her mouth and asked,’isn’t that a little uncomfortable to see from a cosmetic perspective?’

Due to reason that pet owners are on the rise in Korea, cosmetic procedures are on the rise as well. According to Nonghyup Economics Research Facility, there were about 10 million families with pets. A veterinarian stated that, ‘although pet cosmetic procedures were directed towards medical problems, there are now many owners who want them to receive these procedures for cosmetic purposes.’

Most of the pets receiving these procedures are dogs undergoing eye enhancement surgery, cutting the detail, raising their ears, botox, wrinkle-removing procedures, and even double eyelid surgery. It is reported that procedures removing the fat from the legs and even making their stomach lines prettier are on the rise. These procedures are reported to be starting from cheap as 60 dollars to thousands of dollars.”

Would you do this to your pet dog?