Temptu Airbrush Make Up Artist Whenever and Wherever You Want

When in Manila and about to attend a wedding or about to party all night long, you might want to consider using airbrush make up that you can bet will last well into the night, and yes, even well into the wee hours of the morning. And since Makati is Metro Manila’s busiest party city, then it’s only fitting that in the heart of Makati, you will find a salon that does airbrush Make Up, even better Mary Grace Sanchez, owner of Natural Woman Salon and Day Spa can provide this service in the comfort of your own home, or in some cases, your own hotel room for a fairly good price.






When there’s talk about airbrush make up, the experts know that there’s a name that truly stands out, and that’s TEMPTU. Temptu has been chosen as the “weapon” of choice time and again by a lot of make up professionals and their clients when it comes to quality airbrush make up. It has been used in movies and TV series such as Stepford Wives (notice how Nicole Kidman’s Porcelain skin was flawless and perfect), Gossip Girl, and Desperate Housewives  to name a few.  So when you want the best product to touch your skin, you go to someone who knows what they’re doing. Mary Grace is an expert when it comes to using Temptu airbrush make up. Not satisfied with regular make up, Mary Grace actually flew to the U.S to study her Airbrush make up techniques at Temptu New York two years ago and now caters to brides and other clients who want their make up perfect and long-lasting.




A few weeks ago, I had a boudoir shoot that I needed to do so I suggested the airbrush make up services of Mary Grace to my client and she happily agreed.  We arrived at the salon a little past 9am and Mary grace immediately got to work. First up was the moisturizer, which I thought would be applied normally using the hands but  nope, even that was applied with the use of the Temptu Airbrush gun and immediately my client, Maricar was already getting excited with the initial result.  I couldn’t help but notice the smooth glow on Maricar’s face after the moisturizer was applied so obviously, I was more than eager to watch the whole process ( a little dangerous really because the more I watched, the more I wanted to get my hands on some of these Temptu products for myself! Note to self: Focus! Camera gears first!)





So anyway, after the moisturizer was applied, the foundation was next. The sound of the airbrush gun and looking at Maricar made me want to sleep, I realize I always feel this way whenever  good make up artists work on me, their hands are so light and soft, it makes me feel instantly relaxed. And with the airbrush gun, I’m guessing it’ll make you feel relaxed even more because of the constant feel of soft air on your face. But I was here to work, so yes, I did take a couple of pictures.  Even the blush-on and eye shadow were applied using the airbrush gun, and this to me was amazing because I find applying regular eye shadow a challenge already, what more if I was using an airbrush gun right? It looked quite like a challenge but Mary Grace did it in a breeze, with the shaping of Maricar’s eyebrows using airbrush as well to match! Since the Temptu airbrush make up is silicone based, it can really give you a flawless finish. Maricar looked quite content and happy sitting on her chair and everytime she opened her eyes to new results, I could feel her confidence growing more and more.





Maricar is already pretty as she is, and what was great about the airbrush make up of Mary Grace was the fact that she didn’t hide Maricar’s pretty face and made her look like she was someone else. I could see Mary Grace study her client’s face as she was applying Maricar’s make up and she made sure that she simply enhanced Maricar’s beauty as opposed to covering her up in thick make up and make her unrecognizably beautiful. Because I have to admit, there are some makeup artists that make their clients look beautiful yes, but they also make them look like completely different people. Remember how in college or at work, the boys would say the Cinderella they met last night turns into some plane Jane the next day or the next time they meet? You wouldn’t want that being said about you so a quick tip, if you want to look your best, you don’t need to hide yourself in thick make up, you just need someone who knows how to enhance your beauty with the right make up. That’s when Mary Grace of  Natural Woman Salon comes in.







Suffice to say, Maricar looked perfect and her make up gave her the boost she needed in making her feel comfortable and confident in front of our camera. And since it’s a boudoir shoot, I really couldn’t post most of our shots here but here are a few cropped pictures of Maricar. Watch out for our post of her soon on our website www.theboudoirdolls.com. In the meantime, enjoy the pictures below!


Untitled 13


So when in Manila and clueless about where to go to find a Makeup artist that will leave you looking  perfect the whole day or whole night, just call Mary Grace and book an airbrush makeup session with her. And based on the results I’ve seen, you won’t be dissapointed!




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