Teacher-by-Day and Musician-by-Night JedLi debuts new single “Lucid”

JedLi shares states of his consciousness and evolving perspective through dream vibes and the melodic vocals of Queen Bawal, Krissy, in his latest project collab with Bawal Clan family, Yung Bawal. His latest single, “Lucid”, is now available on Spotify, Apple Music, and other major streaming platforms worldwide.

The song is produced by Yung Bawal and JedLi’s producer fusion form, DASWSUP.

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JedLi is a musician, artist, and also a teacher in Japan. He teaches children English by day and by night he creates and crafts with his music. While he humbly asks others to be the judge, JedLi describes his art to his listeners as ”soulful & conscious Hip Hop”.

He shares, “I’ve just been re-evaluating my life & where I’m currently at. I would have these thoughts while on my daily commute on the train to work. I wrote the first verse while at work & I really felt the rhythm I wrote in plus the content I was speaking about. I was having fun with it but also showing that I’m in a state of constant growth. I created a challenge for myself that I knew in my heart I could conquer which was making a living for myself in a foreign country whilst still pursuing my purpose.”

“I’m highly tuned in to metaphysical & esoteric subjects. I took the word Lucid from the ideas of Lucid Dreaming which is a state of mind where you’re completely conscious while in a dream state enabling you to be in control. I basically applied that to my perspective.“

JedLi explains, “I wanted to write a song about dreams in the waking life without making it sound too mystical while also approaching it in a style I’ve never written in but was always curious about it. If that makes sense? I’m at this stage where I’m more focused on my purpose & I wanted to express it along with my perspective on current conditions of my reality.”


On the production end, JedLi shares how the collaboration happened. “The process of producing ‘Lucid’ came after I wrote my first verse. I have this other song I produced for Krissy (the queen of Bawal Clan ahaaa) & she had extra vocals that weren’t going to be used for our track so I sampled it. I then added a simple chord progression, melody, & drums. After the foundation was placed, Yung Bawal hooked it up with the sub-bass & 808 layers to finalize the beat. So it was all a Bawal Clan collaboration.”

“Through it all, music seems to have always been the driving force in my life & I ain’t stepping on the brakes any time soon.”

About the Artist

JedLi born in the Philippines and hailing from Subic Bay, he was raised overseas in the US and Japan, later returning to the Philippines, majoring in music production at DLS – College of St. Benilde.

The years spent at St. Benilde shaped his creative foundation, meeting Aldin PF formerly known as VERB and forming People’s Future with Bawal Clan’s own Mic Rahman. JedLi would attend B-Roc and Turbulence’s The Community, a weekly event featuring heavy hitters in the game such as SVC, Legit Misfits, Mike Swift, as well as other up & coming rappers. With his group People’s Future, JedLi performed in Hong Kong alongside RBTO, August Wahh, Yung Bawal, and DJ Buddah.

JedLi found his way back to the US and reconnected with his family and again with Yung Bawal while Yung Bawal was going to LA Recording School for Sound Engineering. During this time he explored different genres of music.

JedLi’s journey now has led him to return to Japan and meeting old friends who are also in music, like Shinobi the Emcee from Yokosuka to Yokohama area, Crystal Kay, & BENI in TOKYO.

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