Tea Gumps Offers Wild Flavors Like Toothpaste Milk Tea and Wasabi Milk Tea

In the province of Rizal, east of the bustling Metro Manila, a milk tea joint has started becoming a household name. Since opening its first and most loved branch in Taytay, Tea Gumps now has eight other stores spread throughout the province, the farthest so far in Tanay.

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Popular among families, friends, and students, their stores are often packed with people who come in groups to hang out. Their well thought out interior lined with couches, long tables, and calm lighting allow customers to enjoy their food and drinks comfortably.

IMG 8904

IMG 8904

Wintermelon Milk Tea and Dark Chocolate Milk Tea (L, Php100)

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IMG 8961Cheesy Beef Fries (Php115)

Arranged according to series, their menu more or less covers not only our favorites, but also those you will learn to love eventually.IMG 8917IMG 8917

Best Blueberry Fruit Tea and Strawberry Fruit Tea with Nata sinkers (L, Php95)

Beginning with crowd favorite milk tea flavors, the list goes from fruit teas to coffee – a selection fit for everyone. Tea Gumps also serves ice blended milk teas from their ‘Luxury Series’.

IMG 8921IMG 8921b

Pistachios and Cream Deluxe and Double Blueberry Cheesecake (L, Php195), Pizza (Php60)

If you’re one to experiment, the ‘Wild Series’ offers flavors you don’t normally encounter. Their flavors range from the play-it-safe Winter Cinnamon Tea to legitimately wild flavors like Toothpaste Milk Tea and Wasabi Milk Tea.

IMG 8949IMG 8949

Winter Cinnamon Tea (L, Php105)IMG 8937

IMG 8937

Green Apple Yakult Milk Tea (L, Php100)

Furthermore, Tea Gumps also has Yakult-based products.

IMG 8939

Choco Banana Milk Tea (L, Php110)

Their latest release is called the ‘Chocolate Lovers’ series. We were able to try the most loved Choco Banana Milk Tea.IMG 8978

IMG 8930Their food menu strengthens Tea Gumps’ desire of allowing customers to truly make their stores a location for meaningful gatherings and relaxation. Hence, they have prepared a selection ranging from light snacks, such as fries and nachos, to filling pastas and sandwiches, among others.

IMG 8930

Tuna Pesto (Php95)IMG 8952

IMG 8952

Nacho Grande (Php180)

Poised to expand this 2019 and in the following years, Tea Gumps aims to establish their name in the city, specifically in Manila, where milk tea lovers will surely welcome them with open arms. Fortunately, business-minded individuals can lend a hand to the Rizal-based (for now) tea shop in achieving this agenda as they are open for franchising. Inquiries may be directed to the email address below.IMG 8982

Tea Gumps

Tea Gumps in Rizal has branches in Cainta, Taytay, Antipolo, Baras, Teresa, and Taytay.