A Taste of Heaven In Your Mouth at Buta + Wagyu

When In Manila, discerning diners can avail of the best of what Japan has to offer with an innovative world-class restaurant called Buta + Wagyu.  “Buta” means pork and Wagyu is the king of all beef.  The legendary Wagyu taste comes from a special process of raising the the cow.  Not only is it a science but an art too that only the Japanese can do in the most special way.  And that very exclusive experience is now made available to you here in this restaurant.

As you soak in the modern Japanese ambiance, you may order one of the best tasting ever gyozas as a starter.  Softest wrappers touch your mouth on the bite and its also crisped at the right places.  The Organic Pork & Wagyu Gyoza is made with free range organic pork & A5 Wagyu beef.  Its prepared daily & wrapped in handmade Gyoza wrapper courtesy of a Japanese trained chef.  What a way to start a great meal.  (Php 280)


The cuisine is both a mix of Japanese and Korean. The Bibimbap is an original Korean dish with a hearty combination of rice, mixed vegetables, A5 wagyu beef trimmings and organic egg. I bet you haven’t tasted Bibimbap this way yet. Php 380.


Pork Buns have always been a treat for me.  Its always a good addition to the main meal and the Chashu Pork Buns definitely do not disappoint.  Its Chashu pork, Kimchi, served with Japanese mayo on steamed buns – Php 265.

Their pork is raised locally in various organic farms to preserve its clean taste & flavor.  The free range hogs are left to grow up to their optimal weight and size.  That results to great tasting chashu & other pork dishes.


And oh the Tonkotsu Ramen!  I’m a ramen addict, and to discern a great one is to have one with handmade noodles served specifically in your own choice of doneness, with organic Chashu pork in steaming Japanese classic broth – Php 415.  The executive chef, Jerome Lim specifically studied the art of ramen under a noodle master who has been making noodles for 40 years.  He has perfected the art, and we’re lucky get to taste that here at Buta + Wagyu.


It gets more exciting as we move on to the main event.  The Wagyu!  If you’ve noticed I’ve been mentioning A5 earlier – its the highest grade of organically grown beef in Japan.  This makes the meat tastier, and healthier to eat.  To ensure premium quality & freshness, the meat is delivered on a daily basis and is not frozen. You can start your Wagyu experience small & slow with Wagyu Sushi which is special sushi rice topped with thinly sliced A5 Wagyu beef served with garlic  and pickled ginger – Php 450.


Or what about Wagyu Sashimi – Php 950.  Here’s how to eat it, first you put on some onion…


Put on a garlic chip…


…add more onions if you wish and pop it in your mouth!  Feel it melt in your mouth and start tasting heaven.  Buta + Wagyu has this special spice that I totally loved that also goes great with the beef.


Wagyu is usually served on a stone grill that can be cooked right in front of you.  Watch it burn to your state of perfection.



You get to choose from different cuts.  From Ribeye, Sirloin, Chuck Roll and Chateubriand, you get a choice of A5 Wagyu Meat Cuts with onions, carrots, and okra on the side.  Prices range from P1,400 – P2,100 per 100 gram serving size.  Served with ponzu, sesame sauce & garlic chips.  The products aren’t frozen to maintain freshness & flavor to provide you with the best Wagyu experience.


Also a different take on Wagyu is it being steamed.  The A5 beef is cooked in a Japanese pine steamer, served on a bed of mushrooms, squash, carrots, zucchini, and cabbage.  Comes in 100 gram serving size.  Choose from Ribeye, Sirloin or Chuck Roll.  Prices range from Php 1,200 – Php 1,900.  It was a pleasantly different experience from the stone grill all together and definitely a must-try.


How could you not end this kind of experience with a few drinks!  How’s sake, beer and whisky cocktails?


On their cocktails is a lineup of amazing mixes of whisky, sake, juice & more : SUNTORY SOUR, SHIBUYA CROSSING, KYOTO SUNRISE, TOKYO SUNRISE, OKINAWA (Prices range from Php 290 – Php 310).  If you’re tired of your usual cocktails then this is the place to go too.


The outdoor area is the smoking lounge and informal dining area where you can have a sip of their delicious sake and whisky cocktails while enjoying softly piped in music. This area also serves as the waiting area and meeting point for parties before you come in to be seated inside for the dining area. You can also take after-dinner drinks in the area and socialize here.

The surrounding areas of the outdoor structure is also used for seating and lounging after dinner as well and fully integrates into the garden setting of the mall.


To top that all, the indoor dining area features a display where you can purchase slabs of Wagyu products to take home and cook for yourself.

When In Manila, how often can you taste heaven in your mouth?  As you up your dining standards to world-class, it can be anytime you want at Buta + Wagyu.  Come and taste the difference!

Buta + Wagyu

5th floor, Sky Park

SM Aura Premier

(02) 946-7262

Facebook : Buta + Wagyu

IG : ButaWagyu


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