Tara Dine sa Kapihan: Batangueños Ultimate Tabletop Game Cafe

Written by: Joseph Neal Lacatan (Instagram: @nealtravelgram | Website: josephneal.myportfolio.com)

Heading South to take a break from the city life? You should definitely hit Kapihan in Rosario, Batangas and cool down with their refreshing affogato treats and their delectable food choices!

Being the first in the municipality of Rosario to offer more than just the Batangueños signature kapeng barako, Kapihan is known for their mouthwatering food creations and their take as a board game cafe.

Kapihan UNO

Now let’s dive right into their menu!

Kapihan Matcha Affogato

Matcha Affogato, Php120

First on the list to soothe you is their fancy Matcha Affogato. This is an ice cream based dessert with matcha latte and matcha drizzle. There’s also more green tea powder on the side because you’ll probably crave for more!

Kapihan Dark Mocha Frappe

Dark Mocha Frappe, Php 110

A classic frappe not enough? Kapihan has got you covered with their rich-flavored dark mocha frappe combined with thick chocolate sauce, choco chips, milk and an extra treat of choco powder on top!

Milkshake Kapihan 2Nutella Milkshake, Php 110

Milkshakes never fail to satisfy one’s appetite. This one’s a must-try in Kapihan. This milkshake is improved with flavorful hazelnut syrup, creamy milk and vanilla ice cream on top. Now, who wouldn’t want that additional sweetness?

Kapihan Chikadillas

 Chikadillas, Php95

One of Kapihan’s originals you’ll fall for is their Chikadillias. Similar to the known quesadilla, they use crunchy pita bread as a base and stuff it with chunky chicken bits. The winning streak is their unique flavored white sauce. This is served with potato chips on the side.

Kapihan Chicken Nuggets

Chicken Nuggets, Php110

Can’t get enough of chicken cravings? Here’s another treat! Enjoy Kapihan’s chicken nuggets with their own classic bbq sauce!

Kapihan Cotton Cheesecake

Cotton Cheesecake, Php90

Get ready to drool! Their Cotton Cheesecake definitely melts in one’s mouth! This is one of their bestsellers and their personal favorite.

Already drooling over their menu? Oh, we’re not done yet. You can also play board games while enjoying these treats. Their most-played games include Uno Stacko, UNO cards, Crap About Filipino, codenames and Bbad dog.

Since they are passionate about bringing people closer together, Kapihan also hosts engaging monthly events including calligraphy, spoken word, open mic, acoustic nights and UNO battles.

Kapihan Acoustic Night 2

Kapihan is also embracing entrepreneurial girl power as it is owned and managed by all-girl professionals: Arriane and Anne Clarisse Reyes, Jonah and Rose Anne Ellao, and Eleanor Casao.

Kapihan OwnersKapihan owners from the left: Anne Clarisse, Eleanor, Arriane, Jonah and Rose Anne

Without a doubt, you are sure to be satisfied by the whole experience Kapihan can offer. It has more to do with just Batangueños love of rich-flavored coffee, but also with maintaining relationships.

Photos by: Ivan Lantin (Instagram: @ivslantin)

Kapihan: Food and Board Games

2F GM Reyes Bldg., Namunga, Rosario, Batangas



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