Takshing Massage: A Rejuvenating Experience with Modern Electrotherapy

Here’s what it looked like:

Takshing Massage

I must admit I was a bit hesitant and nervous at first because this was my first time trying out a different type of massage. I watched Ate Chen closely as she proceeded to ask me to lie down on my back and assured me that there will be no pain – just a bit of tingling here and there. The ground mat was used for her to step on and regulate the electric currents that would pass between me and the ground mat.

So I thought, “Whoa! This is it, Tin! Brace yourself.” Honestly, I think I held my breath there for like a couple of minutes or so anticipating the electric currents that would pass through my body. I guess I was expecting a sharp, intense and sudden electric current that would charge directly through your senses or something.

BUT I was wrong.

Ate Chen started massaging my left foot and the moment she touched the middle part of my foot, I felt some itsy bitsy tingling and sometimes ticklish sensations. The electric current was very gentle matched with Ate Chen’s smooth, soft massages. I felt myself slowly relaxing as she increased the pressure from time to time.

What I found very interesting, though, was how the pressure of the electric current caused an involuntary muscle to twitch every now and then depending on where the blockage or muscle tension buildup was. I found this quite amusing AND fascinating. I had never experienced involuntary muscle movements in my entire life and I couldn’t help but laugh a little every time my fingers lifted on their own. Ate Chen assured me that this is normal, though. She also said that some clients try to control the twitching and end up feeling more pressure after doing so.

I tried doing the same thing and found out that the pressure of the electric current actually relieves muscle tension. After massaging my lower left leg, she transferred the circular flat metal piece onto my left foot and proceeded to massage my right leg before asking me to lie face down, so she could massage my back. I felt much less pressure from the electric current on my back. Apparently, this is because our backs have more muscle mass and are therefore less sensitive compared to the nerve endings in our fingers, feet and nape.

Takshing Massage

Halfway through the massage, I felt myself starting to fall asleep. The ambiance of the place is very relaxing with its mellow lights and serene setup. Each room for the therapy sessions is equipped with a bed, small side table for your belongings and an adjustable warm, yellow lamp by the corner.  

Takshing Massage

 (Takshing’s hallway) 

Takshing Massage

(A glass of warm water, warm towel and tip pouch given after the session.)


I must say that 1 hour was short for me. That is reason enough for me to go back, right? And I definitely will be bringing my family next time, especially my dad who has been having gout attacks for more than a decade now.

Takshing Massage

Takshing Massage

Ms. Ana explained that the benefits of electrotherapy massage are not just limited to relieving muscle tension and back pain, either. It also tones your body; keeps your skin supple and vibrant; brings out your face’s inner glow; circulates key nutrients throughout the body by unblocking certain blood vessels; fights various illness i.e. stroke, arthritis, insomnia, migraine, sciatica and gout; promotes cellulite reduction; sustains lymphatic drainage; encourages toxin release; and compliments exercise for overall wellness.

They do have certain restrictions prior to undergoing an electrotherapy massage, though:

–          no pacemaker

–          pregnant women

–          went through a surgery within the past year.

Overall, I must say that now would be a good time to bid goodbye to traditional massage and say hello to electrotherapy massage. It is indeed healing from the inside and out.

By the way, Takshing is a Cantonese term that means “Glory be to God.” Now, that is enough for you to feel blessed, healed, and rejuvenated and to get perfectly fit. 😉

Takshing Massage

(w/ Takshing’s General Manager Ms. Ana King)

(Special thanks to Ms. Ana King, Ms. Jennifer Ong, Ms. Cris Barancik, as well as the entire staff of Takshing Health Care and Beauty Center for the invite and the warm welcome.)

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Unit 103, Richbelt Terraces, 19 Annapolis St. Greenhills, 1500 San Juan del Monte

Website: https://www.takshing.com.ph

Email: takshingphils@gmail.com



Takshing Massage: A Rejuvenating Experience with Modern Electrotherapy


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