Taiwan’s OneZo Milk Tea is Now in Manila

There is no stopping the milktea craze in the Philippines! More and more beloved international brands are coming to the Philippines to give Filipinos a taste of unique flavors and experiences.

Originally from Taiwan, OneZo has just opened their first branch in the Philippines at Promenade Mall Greenhills. The brand is known all around the world and is already available in Canada and other countries.

The brand’s tea is from the mountains of Taiwan, where the highest quality of tea can be found. Aside from the tea leaves, they also offer fresh flavored tapioca pearls that are made in-store everyday. This is to ensure that you get the chewy tapioca pearls that you deserve. You can also view the creation of these pearls in their store!

What I love most on their menu is their OneZo Taro, which is perfect with their taro flavored tapioca pearls! They also have matcha milk tea and brown sugar milk tea, which are both crowd favorites.

OneZo will be opening more stores nationwide this 2019 to bring the tasty treats closer to all milk tea lovers.

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