TableStory: Tableware That Brings a Restaurant Dining Experience to Your Home

Ever since the pandemic hit, we have been deprived of eating outside comfortably and with our entire family. We all miss gathering in a nice restaurant with our lolos and lolas, as well as the children running around with their pinsans. This is what inspired TableStory to sell dinnerware – to bring that experience to our homes.

Good food is best served in beautiful dinnerware. Whether you’re eating brunch or having coffee with special people in your life, beautiful plates, glasses, and cups can instantly level up dining at home. More than the tangible stuff, great memories are what TableStory hopes to deliver.

This is why the local dinnerware online store caters to customers all over the Metro and even in some provinces. They send their products through their trusted courier to make sure that they are carefully transported. Their elegant plates, glasses, and cups are also safely packed in bayong bags to show their support to our local craftsmen.

If you have been searching for where to buy nice plates, glasses, and cups in the Philippines, check out TableStory on Facebook and Instagram (@TableStoryPH) now!

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