Sushi Bangs: These Instagrammable Sushi Rolls Should Be in Your Next Salo-Salo

Pinoys’ festive activities never stop at Noche Buena or Media Noche. We can all agree that as long as there’s a reason to celebrate, our salo-salo tables are sure to have the most delectable and presentable dishes we can serve for our friends or family.

If you’re too busy or messy for home kitchen preparations or have no choice but to serve ready-made dishes for large groups, add a platter or two of these Instagrammable sushi rolls from Sushi Bangs on your must-buy list!

Sushi Bangs 22

Every salo-salo table deserves this colorful set-up!

Sushi Bangs is your go-to kiosk for sushi cravings inside Robinsons Forum in Mandaluyong City, making it perfect for people in Ortigas, Makati, and BGC! It’s a business owned by a couple whose goal was to earn extra aside from being full-time employees, and it all began when they noticed the long queues of people at pricey sushi kiosks.

Thinking of offering sushi at more reasonable prices and taking inspiration from Ricky Martin’s hit “She Bangs”, their new business Sushi Bangs was born.

Sushi Bangs 2

Rose Platter, Php1,125-1350 via Honestbee

Their menu offers a long list of sushi rolls and platters. They have classics such as California maki, salmon and tuna rolls, fusion rolls (Tamago Cream Cheese, Spicy Cali Overload, Sweet salmon and Spam Tamago Cheese); and nigiri and sashimi, some of which can be spicy or light and kid-friendly for as low as Php99!

They offer them in solo, bento for sharing, or platters for large groups. The best part? These rolls are arranged beautifully and will make your salo-salo spread of any occasion colorful and satisfying!

Sushi Bangs 16

Holiday Feast Platter, Php1499 (in-store exclusive price)

Sushi Bangs 28

Chirashi, Php249

Sushi Bangs 34

Kids Bento, Php345 (has 8pcs Ham & Cheese, 8pcs Tamago Cream Cheese, 4 pcs Spam Nigiri)

They source their ingredients from local markets and the owners themselves ensure the freshness of these ingredients. Everything in their menu is a must-try and we suggest you taste the sauce that they use in most of their rolls, as well; they’re originally blended. They’re so addicting that you’ll really order more rolls!

Sushi Bangs 11

Torched cheese? Yes, please!

We also got to watch how the sushi rolls are made and they proved that each roll is impressively done in clean and careful conditions, served fresh and really picture-worthy. We also enjoyed every bite of these Japanese treats without worrying about hefty prices. If you’re having a hard time choosing from all of their offerings, Spam Tamago Cheese is the best one to try first!

Sushi Bangs 18 e1545562577431

Sushi Bangs only has one branch as of now, but they are set to open a new branch at Double Dragon Plaza near Mall of Asia in Pasay in 2019. While we wait for more branches to open near everyone’s areas, order now and get your sushi rolls and platters freshly delivered to your doorstep via Grabfood and Honestbee. Go order and get rollin’!

Sushi Bangs

Ground floor, Robinsons Forum Pioneer, Mandaluyong


Instagram: @sushibangsph