Sunday Lunch Buffet at Chef Tatung! MUST TRY their TAMALES!


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We found yet another “secret” must-go-to foodie place for all you When in Manila fanatics! Have you tried Chef Tatung‘s Filipino buffet in Taguig? If not, then you have been missing out on a lot!


If you think you’ve experienced great Filipino cooking, then wait til you try Chef Tatung‘s array of traditional recipes which can never be found in other buffets in town! At first, we would have to admit that we didn’t really expect too much and thought of it as just another buffet but by the time the feast started, we couldn’t stop talking about our very own memories on traditional Filipino recipes!


Ok, honestly, unlike other buffets which offer a huge number of dishes to choose from, the buffet at Chef Tatung on the other hand, offers a finely selected number of dishes which are all unique and superb tasting! So for the buffet at Chef Tatung… it’s more on quality over quantity!


When we went there for the Sunday lunch last weekend, the atmosphere felt like a very intimate family gathering! I remembered the reunions I attended with my grannies when I was a kid.. yeah it was very similar to that. I love how the place felt so relaxing and homey that we felt like taking a nap or “siesta” after that very filling meal! Seeing families flock the place was such a delight to see! It felt so heartwarming to know that Filipinos now take the time to go out to celebrate with their loved ones more. Because of the social media age, we Pinoys have been more interested in searching for new places to see and flavors to experience!


As Filipino Cuisine increases its popularity not only locally but internationally as well, it pays to know where to find the really good ones right? Also, I believe that more and more Filipinos, especially the younger generation should be more exposed to our very own native dishes =)  


Ok ok, let me tell you what you should try when you visit Chef Tatung!


The much talked about Lechon Cebu at Chef Tatung is definitely a MUST TRY! Super tasty even without any sauce! You’ll definitely won’t think about Mang Tomas when you try this.


Chef Tatung Mae Ilagan Frank Ruaya  (2 of 23)

 the super tasty Cebu Lechon at Chef Tatung



Chef Tatung Mae Ilagan Frank Ruaya  (3 of 23)




Chef Tatung’s Tamales was my most favorite of all! Reminded me of our very own hometown tamales in Taal Batangas!

Chef Tatung Mae Ilagan Frank Ruaya  (8 of 23)

to-die-for TAMALES at Chef Tatung 

why does it have to be this gooooooood???? ahuhuhuuhuhoooo



Chef Tatung Mae Ilagan Frank Ruaya  (19 of 23)

 Chicken Sisig Wrap

one of their best sellers!



Chef Tatung Mae Ilagan Frank Ruaya  (20 of 23)

 Chocnut Cupcake

ultra moist … simply WICKED!! 



Chef Tatung Mae Ilagan Frank Ruaya  (16 of 23)

 Pandan Pichi Pichi with melted lecha flan and quezo de bola!

considered as one of Manila’s BEST desserts! Absolutely MUST TRY!




Chef Tatung Mae Ilagan Frank Ruaya  (14 of 23)

 got blown away after my 1st bite!

3 very Filipino flavors in 1 powerhouse dessert! OMG Chef, you’re a genius!!



Until now, I still couldn’t get over his Tamales! For me it’s the one which stood out among the rest since it’s my 1st ever time to experience a kind of tamales which is as great as the one being sold in my hometown in Taal, Batangas. His dishes transported me back to my roots and gave me this renewed appreciation for Filipino cuisine.  I remember having one of my best conversations with a chef that day… he was truly fun to talk with and inspiring. =) Many thanks to Chef Angelo Comsti as well for introducing us to Chef Tatung



Chef Tatung Mae Ilagan Frank Ruaya  (21 of 23)



So when in Manila, rekindle your love affair with Filipino food with the delightfully delicious dishes served at Chef Tatung for only P650/head!





Chef Tatung

Molave Lane, Acacia Avenue, Acacia Estates,  1634 Taguig

(02)4665390 / 09327100010

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twitter @Cheftatung




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Sunday Lunch Buffet at Chef Tatung