Sultan Mediterranean Grill: Toothsome Historical Eats

The way to man’s history is through his belly. Meet your next door suitor: Sultan Mediterranean Grill.


Intricate medieval wall displays are mixed with modern wooden furnishings and funky lights. Sultan Mediterranean Grill is formerly named Sinbad, an iconic fictitious Middle Eastern sailor whose escapades are popular in literature.


Let your taste buds ride the magic carpet to the Ottoman Empire as Sultan Mediterranean Grill serenades you with their dashing revamped menu: Hummus Bi Tahina, Barley Soup, Vegetable Samosas, Salata Horiatiki, Moussaka, Souvlaki, Chicken Tandoori, Braised Lamb Shanks, and so much more.

SULTAN MEDITERRANEAN GRILL00007Can’t decide? Tip: Just look around. I dare you to have the randomized Soup of the Day.

They also whip up some pump…Sshhh! It’s a secret.

Tired of chickpeas? Spread the love with Sultan Mediterrenean Grill Hummus Bi Tahina, a lemony puree of lentils. Spoil yourself with their mildly tangy garlicky sauce or the seemingly innocent spicy-hit-me garlic sauce. Their pita bread is sealed with cheesecloth, so keep calm; they’ll stay warm.


When chicken soup gone mischief with oatmeal, this will be its scrumptious crime: the Sultan Mediterranean Grill Barley Soup. Coddle up with carrots, parsley and its rich broth. 

SULTAN MEDITERRANEAN GRILL00003Certified lick-the-pot-cleaner. 

If Sultan Mediterranean Grill Vegetable Samosas would be human, she’ll be empanada’s hot cousin you’d like to go on a date with. It’s your sexy less flaky fried pastries with curried vegetable fillings. Too spicy? Dip it in that honey-coconut sweet cumin sauce. The contrasting flavors make you crave for more.

SULTAN MEDITERRANEAN GRILL00017Wishful thinking: The Pyramids are deliciously edible.  

Forks up with Salata Horiatiki!  Romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, black olives, and feta cheese with a sassy sour vinaigrette dressing. Their croutons remind me of Bread Pan, but tastes different though.

SULTAN MEDITERRANEAN GRILL00002No crunches later for this crunch. Yay!

When eggplant wants to be lasagna, you can never go wrong with Sultan Mediterranean Grill Moussaka. Alrighty! Its beefy veggie layers are sealed with kisses of cheese.

SULTAN MEDITERRANEAN GRILL00001Sultan Mediterranean Grill Moussaka: A Mediterranean Yes

Eat like a Sultan with the festive Souvlaki. Get your chosen slabs of meat partying with bell peppers, onions, and tomatoes. Enjoy ‘em with finger-like fries and more Salata on the side. 

SULTAN MEDITERRANEAN GRILL00009Look. Souvlaki and Salata here.

SULTAN MEDITERRANEAN GRILL00015Look again. Souvlaki and Fries on the other.

SULTAN MEDITERRANEAN GRILL00010Souvlaki pinkish juicy meats, oh yes!

Unlike the typical cayenne and turmeric couple dredged in yogurt, Sultan Mediterranean Grill Chicken Tandoori unexpectedly twists a ginger punch third wheeling around. Chew some more.


The Sultan Mediterranean Grill Braised Lamb Shanks gives you that cozy holiday homey feel. This bone-in meat requires less utensil action. Yup, I skipped an entire knife workout. Lovin’ it! This succulent meat is good on its own.

Add sauce: Why weren’t we all born in that era?! The buttery good rice throwbacks childhood memories, too.

SULTAN MEDITERRANEAN GRILL00004Bon appe-tempt everyone!

Sultan Mediterranean Grill is also home to delicious pasta. Bye bye to all the blahs from work with Pesto Pasta Alla Genovese that’s blended with basil, parsley, oregano, walnuts, and Parmesan cheese. This will make you perky from all that grind haggardness.


Ain’t cheesy? Creamy Spaghetti with Smoked Salmon sautéed in leeks is the perfect match for yeah.


It takes two to mango. Have a blast with the Sultan Mediterranean Grill Mango Yogurt Shake. Be fascinated with its smooth transition of yogurt to nature’s tropical goodness. The Banana Yogurt Shake disguised the fruit with more dairy in action but makes you crave for more. Their Strawberry Yogurt Shake is quite seedy, but hey it’s got real pulp. Smoothie consistency for these babies.

SULTAN MEDITERRANEAN GRILL00005Shake your fruity…shake your fruity! Yeah! Yeah! (L-R) Banana Yogurt Shake.  Mango Yogurt Shake. Strawberry Yogurt Shake.

Sultan Mediterranean Grill serves dishes in a jiffy.  You’re 5-10 minutes away from indulging on traditional value for money huge meals that keeps guests queuing. They have free food delivery within the area. The place can also accommodate 30+ pax for your personalized silly-brations and eventful needs. Since they are the only branch in the metro, franchising ideas are welcome.


The staff shared how they whip up international recipes using local resources. Now that’s creative. The tenderized meats, play of spices, and garden-fresh produce express how much Sultan Mediterranean Grill puts thought and sincerity on their meals. Indeed, food makes us speak one language—words that won’t get us caught  lost in translation.



Sultan Mediterranean Grill

SULTAN_MEDITERRANEAN_GRILL_LOGOUG9 Valero Plaza Condominium124 San Agustin, Makati City, Metro Manila
(a short-minute walk from Paseo de Roxas bus stop)
Open Daily from 11AM to 10PM
For inquiries and reservations: +63 2 894 5909 /