Five Reasons to Gift Your Loved Ones with Fruits In Bloom

Five Reasons to Gift Your Loved Ones with Fruits In Bloom


With the holiday season coming around, it won’t take long before malls are swamped with people buying last minute gifts; because whether it’s an impromptu gathering or an upscale family reunion, odds are people are highly encouraged to come prepared with a gift in hand

So, what are you to do when you’re handed a party invite and don’t want to head to a stuffed mall? The answer lies in gourmet arrangements from Fruits In Bloom! Here are five reasons to have your orders ready!


Five Reasons to Gift Your Loved Ones with Fruits In Bloom


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5. It’s aesthetically pleasing.

It’s one thing to see a fruit bouquet in a photo, but another to actually see it in person. Up close you can see the engraved marks made on a green apple and the identical circles of melon attached to the pineapple flower slices. The entire gourmet arrangement is a beautiful feast for the eyes and a definite icebreaker at any holiday gathering.


4. The arrangements can be customized.

Fruits In Bloom has an array of both local and imported fruits you can choose from when crafting your design. From bananas, honeydews, and strawberries – even if not they’re available during the season – they’re willing to go the extra mile in giving you a gourmet arrangement you can be proud of.


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3. They have Chocolate Covered Strawberries.

I don’t even think this needs any description. Imported chocolate enveloped over sweet succulent strawberries? What a treat!


2. Freshness is guaranteed with every delivery.

Orders can be made either through a call, an email, or a direct order through their website which would then be received either via a store pick up or delivery. I highly recommend the delivery option though, as there’s no need to worry about the freshness of the fruits. This is all thanks to Fruits In Bloom’s food grade cartons that are handled by the delivery specialists.


fruits in bloom, healthy, fruits, gifts


1. It’s a friendly reminder to be healthy during the holiday season.

Christmas is known for the feasts that come with the endless parties and get togethers. Plates of rich pastas served next to delectable dishes of lengua and chicken, a whole lechon resting on an adjacent table… The list could go on and on and it wouldn’t even include the desserts table just yet!

It’s important to know that everything should always be consumed in moderation – even during the holidays. And yes, sometimes that means choosing fruits off a Fruits In Bloom gourmet arrangement instead of a bowl full of cream-loaded macaroni salad or fruit salad. Trust me, your arteries will be thanking you for this one. Happy eating, everyone!



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Five Reasons To Gift Your Loved Ones With Fruits In Bloom