Sukigi Swim: Cute And Fashionable Swimwear For The Water Sports Babe!

Fan of water sports, but hate the drab and boring swimwear designs that come with it? When it comes to brightly colored, high-quality swimwear, expect no less from Sukigi.

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Fro the plethora of online shops meant for swimming, the vibrant-colored swimwear made with luxurious Italian fabrics definitely set swimsuits from Sukigi apart! The brainchild of sisters Suki and GigiSukigi is meant to create hip, fashionable yet durable swimwear, perfect for the confident and active woman! Being athletic women with a love for adventure themselves, Suki and Gigi came up with a line of swimsuits that perfectly capture a woman’s need for comfort and femininity– as they say, they’re swimsuits you can run, swim, and exercise in!

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Sukigi swimsuits are made with fabrics that have ultra-chlorine and abrasion resistance, that can also provide up to 50 UV protection!

This alone creates that distinction for Sukigi among other swimsuits that are only meant to look good in summer photos, but can hardly do the work themselves. Sukigi is promoting a lifestyle for women, which means their swimsuits are ideal to wear all-year round!

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I love this triangle crocheted bikini from Sukigi called the Pink Sapphire, which gives the bikini an interesting texture, thanks to the crochet pattern on the top.

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It’s also bright-colored and durable, perfect for performing water sports in, or a non-stop active day at the beach or by the pool. Unlike other swimsuits that are made of flimsier material, you can really feel the quality in these swimsuits, as well as the comfort and mobility.

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For those feeling a little more modest, you can also go with this Blue Topaz one piece! The top coverage provides great support, and feels great to move around in. Especially for those who don’t feel too comfortable wearing a two-piece while staying active without worrying about things accidentally slipping out, the Blue Topaz monokini provides that great security.

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If you’re one of those types who’d rather get sun kissed by running, surfing or wakeboarding rather than sunbathing, Sukigi Swim assures that there’s no need to sacrifice fashion and style for comfort and mobility… especially for the active girl! Check them on Facebook at Sukigi Swim.


Sukigi Swim

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