Styling, Photography, and Blogging Workshop with Lissa Kahayon and David Guison


styling Photography Blogging Workshop lissa Kahayon David Guison



When In Manila, always grab the opportunity to attend workshops in the metro that are fun and informative!


When In Manila, I had the privilege of being one of the participants of the Styling, Photography, and Blogging Workshop with Lissa Kahayon and David Guison. If you do not know Lissa Kahayon or David Guison (which is something I doubt if you are a constant lurker around the internet), they are two well-known fashion bloggers locally and abroad who have done many collaborations with brands and have gotten many job opportunities because of there blogs.


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Workshop ID!



I primarily came for the photography and blogging part. Photography, because David Guison has shot editorials for top brands (Topman and The Amazing Playground to name two). Blogging, because they have been on the blog-o-sphere long enough to know the whatnots of this emerging industry. As for the styling part, it would be helpful to me since I am interested in fashion but do not really apply what I know about it when dressing up.



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David and Lissa during the styling lecture.




I arrived at the venue, Ariato Function hall at Il Terrazo, Tomas Morato, Quezon City, at around 12:40 PM. The lecture handouts were put on the participants’ seats so I read them first while waiting for the event to start. About 30 minutes after, the emcee went on stage and introduced the speakers immediately. I felt the excitement and anticipation of the participants now that their favorite bloggers are on the stage.


For the first part, Lissa Kahayon did most of the discussion about styling. David Guison shared some of his insights with regards to styling for the guys. After that, a styling challenge was announced by the emcee. We were divided into 11 groups. We had to style one of our group mates by the clothes and shoes of the brands assigned to us. In our case, we were Group 9 and we were assigned to Hang Ten. Well, most of my other group mates did the styling and we were given 30 minutes for the challenge.



styling Photography Blogging Workshop lissa Kahayon David Guison philippines



The program then proceeded with the photography part which was explained by David Guison and they immediately proceeded with the blogging lecture. I was seriously amazed with all the work they got because of their blogs, yet they remained really humble.



IMG 9949

How David started with photography, with a Nokia 6600



Another challenge was up again, and this time it was about photography and blogging. We were given the task to have a shoot of our model and make a blog post about it. We had to finish it within 45 minutes. We shot our model at Banapple since our stylists wanted a summer vibe with our model’s wardrobe. Snacks were also served at the function hall for the participants while we were polishing our blog entries.



IMG 9955

Our model during the photo shoot



When time was up, our group was the first one to present. The different groups had different approaches with the challenge which was good. There was also a Question and Answer portion after and awarding of prizes. There were awards for the Best Dressed Female and Male, Most Active Group Member for all groups, Early Bird Award and a raffle draw to give away freebies from the sponsors. Luckily, I won a bangle from Cole Vintage.


When the program was done, we handed in evaluation sheets and a goody bag filled with items from the sponsors were given to us along with our certificate of participation.



IMG 9975

Fashion blogger Kelly Medina being interviewed by the press.



It was such a wonderful experience! I learned a lot of things and also got to meet new friends. I hope there would be more workshops about these topics.


Also,a big thanks to their sponsors for making the event possible! Il Terrazzo, Ariato Function Centre, Cole Vintage, Trunk Show, Goody Hair Products, Hang Ten Philippines, BC Fragrance, Cocco, Leg Love, Rolu, Le Plume, Get Sole, Lancôme Philippines, Assam Milk Tea Philippines, Rio Mints, C2 Envidia, Dynamite, Nissin Yakisoba and Magic Coated.



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The workshop venue



Styling, Photography, and Blogging Workshop with Lissa Kahayon and David Guison will have its 2nd installment on May! You can check out The List Group’s Facebook Page ( for updates or e-mail them at for inquiries.



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Such pretty shoes from Trunk Show!



Styling, Photography, and Blogging Workshop  with Lissa Kahayon and David Guison