These students started a fundraiser for fishermen— here’s how you can help

The ongoing pandemic has affected not only a lot of business sectors but even producers like farmers and fishermen. With little funds and no source of income, their lives are much harder, and their future looks bleak. Thankfully, many have risen up and created advocacies to help these people. And one of these includes the student-driven organization: the Civil Engineering Society (CES).

Hailing from De La Salle University, these engineering students started their very own art drive to raise funds. The CES Art Sale is a 3-week online art sale from August 1 to 22, 2020, where several student artists will sell their artworks or commissions through their website. That way, they can give more exposure to these artists and raise money for the fisherfolk.

Photo from the Lian Fisherfolks Association

Photo from the Lian Fisherfolks Association (Disclaimer: the photo was taken pre-pandemic)

The CES Art Sale is created in partnership with the Lian Fisherfolks Association, an organization based in Lian, Batangas. And yes, they will be getting part of the proceeds from this art drive. 40% of the revenue from this project will go to the artists, while 40% goes to Lian Fisherfolks Association, and 20% goes to CES.

Beneficiary: the Lian Fisherfolks Association

The Lian Fisherfolks Association is one of the DLSU- Center for Social Concern and Action’s (COSCA) partner communities. It is a people’s organization that is composed of the fishermen of Lian, Batangas. And because many restaurants and hotels have closed due to the pandemic, demand for fish has dropped. With this, the Lian Fisherfolks Association has organized alternative livelihood projects for local fishermen.

One of these projects is the plantation of mangrove seedlings. Proceeds from the art sale will go to this project since their goal is to plant 900 mangrove seedlings. Why mangroves? Mangrove trees are natural habitats of fish with an estimated 80% of global fish catch relying on mangrove trees either directly or indirectly.  Plus, mangroves protect the shoreline from typhoons, waves, and floods. They also prevent erosion and maintain water purity by filtering pollutants originating from the land.

Photo from the Lian Fisherfolks Association

Photo from the Lian Fisherfolks Association

Thus, this project hits two birds with one stone. Not only will it provide a source of livelihood for local fishermen, but it’ll have a good impact on the environment.

Artworks in the CES Art Sale

This project includes artworks created using different mediums, such as art on canvas, paper, or even digital art. People can also commission artworks from artists while they’re at it! Around 10 artists from various universities will be participating in this project. Each one has a different art style that stands out and brings something fun to the table.

Just take a look! From paintings…

Photo from the DLSU CES Art Sale

Oil on Canvas by Ram Skyler de Leon, “Terry” (P20,000)

Photo from the DLSU CES Art Sale

Acrylic on Canvas by Kevin Chua, “Tango” (P8000)

… to digital works…

Photo from the DLSU CES Art Sale

Digital Art by Julianne Tchoi, “Greenery” (PHP 500)

… and even commissions, should you want a personalized artwork for yourself!

Photo from the DLSU CES Art Sale

Commissioned Art Rates by Darcey Ang

Photo from the DLSU CES Art Sale

Commissioned Art Rates by Audrey Borbe

How to Buy

For those who want to help out, you can visit their website at https://cesartsale.wixsite.com/arts. Artworks and information about the artists will be displayed there. If you want to buy a certain work, you can fill up the accompanying Google Drive link, and provide proof of payment. Once done, the artwork will be sent to you. For digital artworks, an email will be sent, while paintings will be delivered to you via courier at your expense. Take note that this comes at a first-come, first-serve basis, so better hurry!

On the other hand, if you’d like to commission an artwork, the same steps apply. However, a group chat between you, the artist of your choice, and the website moderator will be created in order to facilitate better communication. There, you can give your requirements and pegs for the artist.

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