Student Media Congress @ DLSU: The Power of Social and Digital

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When In Manila, we are the Social Media Capital of the world. Seriously, it’s true, real and proven. The Philippines is known as such (cited by Universal McCann, 2011) and if you’re still skeptical, try Google or simply read showbiz on Twitter. It will be fun for you or maybe… WOW!


With 1,070 students in attendance and 40+ schools participating, the Student Media Congress went on for a great start. It was organized by DLSU Student Media Office in partnership with DLSU Culture & Arts Office and DLS-CSB Student Publications Office, and themed: “Exploring Media Breakthroughs”. As described, ‘it’s a two-day event that includes workshops and talks on the different potentials of media’ last July 26-27,2013′



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 Thus, the first Student Media Congress was into such hype. Well, it’s really not the ‘first’. Let me just correct that and smile. You want my evidence? Read my article on ‘UP Student media Congress’. Maybe, they mean ‘first in De La Salle University’ (DLSU) right. Okay, that’s all I really want to highlight, or maybe read more…


According to, DLSU Green Media Group the Student Media Congress ‘is a student initiated event that aims to serve as an avenue to gather student media practitioners, campus journalists, and communicators in one venue to forge long-term relationships for the development of student media’. Now, that was really cool. Imagine that. I can’t even put my hand on it. That’s how cool it is.



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On the first day, some of my favorite speakers were here. Surely I’ve met them before and quite familiar of them all (except the last two) namely: Ms. Maria Ressa (from Rappler), Mr. John Nery (from Philippine Daily Inquirer), Mr. Jaemark Tordecilla (from Interaksyon), Mr. Val Victa (Manila Broadcasting Company) and Mr. Nandy Villar (ABS-CBN). On the opening day, each speaker delivered a keynote speech on their field of expertise.


Maria, on the ‘Power of Many’ or maybe ‘the Power of One’ discussed the influence of social media and how it can lead to social good. John, on the print industry and why it’s alive, well and still kicking. Jaemark, on digital communities and his work in InterAksyon (TV5). Val, on radio and why its under-rated. Nandy, on television and that it’s NOT dying. Simple. But maybe, it’s not as simple as that. Good thing, there’s Twitter. You can clarify their points or ask them further after the congress. Define, power of social and digital in action.



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On the second day, there were various venues on various topics plus competing and non-competing workshops. Some of the known speakers were the ff: Carlo Ople, UP’s Danilo Arao,  Rappler’s Marites Vitug and Gemma Bagayaua-Mendoza, TV News Producer/Reporter Jiggy Manicad, DLSU Student Media Office Director Randy Torrecampo, TV Ad Director/Political Activist Mae Paner a.k.a. “Juana Change”, TV Host Boy Abunda, News Anchor Ted Failon, and TV Personality Ramon Bautista and many others.


So, this turned out to be exciting as I hopped around different venues and topics. I did only sat in the room on topics am so interested in. So that means, I catch-up with Ramon Bautista (Making Youtube Videos a Hit), Boy Abunda (the Art of Interviewing) and Paul Malicki (Finding a #Job on #SocialMedia). I did hang-around with Paul, he is currently with AllFamous Digital. Some of his points were really so interesting, very neat. So yes, I forced him to hand me a copy of his presentation. Thanks Paul. Say my hi, to Robin.




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