Stuck in Traffic? Take the Pasig River Ferry!

Stuck in Traffic Take the Pasig River Ferry

Photo / Inquirer

The holidays are over but the traffic hasn’t abated. In fact, it could have gotten worse.

So what does a regular commuter do? Take the Pasig River ferry!

If the name Pasig River conjures negative images, consider that the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) reported that more commuters are taking the ferry to get to work. While last year averaged 100 passengers a day, this year has 500.

According to MMDA Pasig River head Rod Tuason, commuting from Pasig to Manila can reduce the travel time from two hours to 45 minutes.

And you won’t experience any traffic.

To date, there are 16 commuter boats made of plexiglass, and can accommodate 45 passengers per trip. If more commuters patronize the ferry, they may add more to the fleet.

The Pasig River ferry runs 12 stations along Metro Manila: Pinagbuhatan, Maybunga and San Joaquin in Pasig City, Guadalupe and Valenzuela in Makati City, Hulo in Mandaluyong and PUP Sta. Mesa, Sta. Ana, Lambingan, Lawton, Escolta and Plaza Mexico in Manila.

Fares range from P15 to P95, and runs from Mondays to Saturdays, 6:30 am to 5:30 pm.

Using the ferry can decongest EDSA, JP Rizal in Makati, and Intramuros in Manila.

And oh, if you’re worried about the smell, Tuason promises that it is now gone thanks to regular cleaning and the rising volume of water.

Have you tried the Pasig River ferry? How was the experience?