‘Stranger Things’ Funko Pops are Now a Reality!!!

Calling all fellow Funko Pop lovers who are also crazy about ‘Stranger Things’!!! It’s finally happening!

I first saw rumours about this a few months back during AsiaPOP Comic Con and really, really wished it would come true – and now here it finally is: the ‘Stranger Things’ Funko Pops! I absolutely love how well they translated each character into these toys. I love how Eleven is dirty, holding Eggos with her nose bleeding, and how she has a wigged version of herself. I also love how Mike is holding a walkie talkie and how there are two versions of Will: regular Will and Upside Down Will.

And look, there’s Barb!!! <3 And there are two stunning versions of the Demigorgon!!! I am hyperventilating!!!


Who else here is excited for these? Apparently, they are already available for pre-order, but we have yet to see them on Philippine shores. Please do let When in Manila Angeline know ASAP if you have leads on where to get them in the Philippines – thanks! 🙂