Fall in Loaf with These 10 Stores that Sell Deliciously Moist Banana Loaves

One of the best breakfast breads to have is banana bread. When it’s moist and delicious, a banana loaf can be filling and satisfying… and when it’s extra good, it can also be extra addicting. Here are 10 of our favorite stores that sell deliciously moist banana loaves!

Fall in Loaf with These 10 Stores that Sell Deliciously Moist Banana Loaves

10. The Bake Space by Maria (@thebakespacebymaria)


Bake Space by Maria Banana Loaf

Photo from The Bake Space by Maria

Maria Sofia Maniego is a self-taught baker who was forced to resign from her job at a bank to take care of her three daughters. Her love for baking started when one of her daughters asked for a new kind of merienda one afternoon. That’s when Sofia decided to bake some cupcakes by following a simple recipe on Google. It turned out amazingly and Sofia felt an instant connection with baking. “It was like love at first sight,” she gushes. “I realized I could make delicious baked goods without leaving the house.”

Some of the products on The Bake Space by Maria’s menu are Sofia’s childhood favorites, while the others are from the suggestions of her family and friends. Made with high quality ingredients, their freshly made products are delicious and it isn’t any wonder why their Banana Bread with Cream Cheese is their bestseller! It is unforgettable!

9. Balanse MNL (@balansemnl)


Balanse MNL Banana Loaf

Photo from Balanse MNL

23-year-old Regina Tamondong is the owner and founder of Balanse MNL, a small business that offers vegan and non-vegan treats. It all started when Regina was in the US, where she tried change her food habits and better understand what she consumes on a daily basis. When she got back home, she continued cooking and baking, and giving her friends some of the extra goods that she made. Eventually, they kept asking her to sell; and with the goal of offering healthier alternatives to others and those practicing a vegan lifestyle, Balanse MNL came to life.

Balanse MNL offers vegan and non-vegan treats packed in eco-friendly packaging with nutrition facts, ingredients, and heating and storage instructions available. If you’re looking for an ultra healthy banana loaf in the market, this is a great choice, whether you’r vegan or merely health-conscious. “Remember that you have the right to know your food,” Regina reminds us. “A balanced diet helps in keeping yourself healthy. Keep safe and always choose to be kind!”

8. The Baking Sisters MNL (@thebakingsisters.mnl)

The Baking Sisters MNL Banana Loaf

Photo by Mars Guisala

Marella and Sam Montes are the sisters behind The Baking Sisters MNL. Along with their little cousin Maddie, they developed a new hobby during quarantine: baking. While they had always wanted to bake, they never had the chance to do so because of work and school. After experimenting with ube cheese pandesal and banana loaves, and getting rave reviews from relatives and friends; they decided to give this home-baking business a try.

The Baking Sisters MNL’s Choco Chip Banana Loaf is super moist, filled with chocolate chips, and has just the right amount of sweetness. If you love banana loaves loaded with chocolate chips, this is the one to try!

7. The Sherby Project (@thesherbyproject)


Sherby Project Banana Loaf

Photo from The Sherby Project

Sarah, who works in the hospitality industry, used to bake in 2014 but stopped due to a change in her career path. During the pandemic, however, her family asked her to help them start a family baking business which they named after their favorite childhood doll, ‘Sherby’.

The Sherby Project offers several banana loaf flavors: The Classic Banana is the classic taste that everybody loves; Choco Chip Banana was created due to Sarah’s love for chocolate chips; Banana Overload is for those who love nuts (this version includes walnuts, almonds, and chocolate chips!)’ and Banana Cream Cheese is her parents’ personal favorite. 75% of The Sherby Project’s banana loaves consist of the bananas. Yes, they are extremely generous with the bananas, ensuring that you get a moist and flavorful product with each order. They don’t use any artificial flavorings or added preservatives, either – classy, affordable, and top quality!

6. Lala Bakes (@lala.bakes_)


Lala Bakes Banana Loaf

Photo from Lala Bakes

Chila started Lala Bakes three years ago as a means to make money until she found another job. Three years later, however, and she is still here happily baking for the community. Chila actually started by selling customized cakes, but then realized that she also wanted to bake something that people would recognize as comfort food or weekend food to share with the family. That’s where Lala Bakes’ Banana Bread comes in.

Chila started with Banana Bread + Chocolate (BB + Choco), which seemed like it would be the most sellable. Later on, she got requests for Plain BB and BB+ Creamcheese. The most recent Banana Bread flavor she made is BB + Ube because of the ube hype. All of Lala Bakes’ banana loaves are baked with love. Plus, every purchase will help three families at once: a banana vendor in BF homes, the community ube seller in BF Homes, and their household. They are also part of Sooshy’s Lokal Weekends!

5. The Sweet Spell (@thesweetspell)


The Sweet Spell Classic and Choco Banana Loaf

Photo by Denzel Dela Cruz

The Sweet Spell was launched in June 2020 by Arianne Panganiban and Isabel Torres, who wanted to start an online bakery that is a bit unorthodox. After dabbling in dark concepts (mostly inspired by Disney villains), they resonated with the idea that desserts are usually considered decadent and guilty pleasures. “We wanted something mysterious yet irresistible, hence The Sweet Spell came to life,” they explain. “It’s so good, it’ll capture you at first bite!”

Since its conception, The Sweet Spell has released new products every month based on the seasons of the witch calendar. They will also be releasing a new line of products called “mystique boxes”! Each box will consist set of curated pastries to cater to everyone’s palate! Each box can range from lightly sweetened to heavily sweetened, which you can order according to your preference or simply out of curiosity. The box clearly represents what The Sweet Spell is all about: so mysterious that you’ll be left wanting to know more.

4. Bake On PH (@bakeonph)


Bake On PH Banana Loaf

Photo from Bake On PH

Leah Paragas shares that her brother, who is a culinary graduate, would cook a lot for the family during the lockdown. Although baking wasn’t his strength, he’d also make bread every now and then. That’s when the idea to sell baked goods for additional income came in. After several revisions, they finally arrived at their current banana bread recipe. Each banana loaf that Bake on PH offers is packed with ingredients while still remaining affordable.

Their Dark Chocolate Banana Walnut Loaf is definitely a must-try! It is ultra moist and not nakakaumay, and they even use eco-friendly packaging. Bake On PH is also in the process of trying other variations, such as their Cream Cheese Walnut and their mini versions of both flavors, so there’s always something to look forward to!

3. All About Bread PH (@all.about.breadph)


All About Bread Banana Loaf

Photo by G-list Socials Photography

Kirsten Daos, a senior at Ateneo de Manila University, owns the brand All About Bread – a home-based bakery that makes mini chocolate chip banana loaves. Baking used to be one of Kirsten’s hidden passions that she simply didn’t have the luxury of time to do. Thanks to quarantine, however, she has been able to  bake more often; and after some good feedback and encouragement, she started to make a business out of it.

Although the mini loaves are the only products on the menu at the moment, you simply have to try them! They are the perfect size to pick up and munch on for breakfast, as a snack, or even as dessert; and they are so soft, moist, and delicious, you’ll find yourself craving for more in no time. The banana flavor really pops, but without being excruciatingly sweet. The chocolate chips aren’t overpowering, either; they are just enough to add a new flavor profile to each bite. They are packaged in 100% compostable kraft boxes, too!

2. MJ Bakeshoppe (@mj_bakeshoppe)


MJ Bakeshoppe Banana Loaf

Photo from MJ Bakeshoppe

Marie Jean used to work in the UAE, but moved back to the Philippines for a family event. Since COVID-19 has prevented her from going back to the UAE, she decided to try baking again, starting with their family favorite homemade egg pie and eventually offering other pastries, like their banana loaf, under MJ Bakeshoppe.

Banana bread happens to be their father’s favorite. Because of this, they came up with a banana bread recipe and added a variety of flavors for us to indulge in. Their products are carefully chosen to suit customers of all ages with three variants available: Classic Moist, Chocolate Chips, and Cream Cheese. All of their variants are made with real fresh bananas, and are light and soft with just the right amount of sweetness and a good sprinkling of semi-sweet chocolate.

Banana loaves aside, they also have other pastries on offer, such as the famous ube cheese pandesal, egg pies, basque burnt cheesecake, Korean garlic buns, and more. Their pastries are guaranteed freshly baked every morning. Bulacan and Pasig residents will need to order at least a day ahead.

1. Whisked by Gero (@whisked.by.gero)


Banana Loaves WhiskedbyGero

Photo from Whisked by Gero

Mel Geroleo created Whisked by Gero last May 2020 – a long overdue project that finally started due to free time that the pandemic offered. Whisked by Gero offers homemade cookies, unique flavors of crinkles, and banana loaves. “I love playing with different flavors and that’s the reason why my menu list expanded,” Mel shares. As of the moment, Whisked by Gero has six varieties of banana loaves: Banana Loaf with Caramelized Sugar on Top, Banana Walnut Loaf, Banana Oats Loaf, their bestselling banana-pineapple Hummingbird Loaf, their bestselling Banana Coconut Loaf with Coconut Streusel, and their new Banana Carrot Loaf.

When it comes to choosing their flavors, Mel shares that they usually explore what’s available on hand. What started with Banana Oats Loaf (because oats are part of Mel’s diet and are therefore always available in their kitchen) has evolved into the Banana Coconut Loaf (since they also have Coconut Crinkles) and the Banana Carrot Loaf (since they also have Glazed Carrot Loaves). The Hummingbird Loaf, however, was encountered by accident. The original recipe that Mel found online was actually for a cake, but they decided to create a loaf version – an extra moist one that you absolutely have to try for yourself!

Whisked By Gero will also be releasing a new flavor this month: the Banana Loaf with Salted Egg and Cheese. If you love bibingka, this is an interesting flavor to watch out for!

What’s your favorite kind of banana loaf?

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