Stop hating and let people celebrate their achievements

The release of the NMAT and UPCAT results led to an avalanche of congratulatory and celebratory posts.

It was difficult to scroll through social media without seeing at least one update about the results — but I’m not complaining! These posts are the small prize they get to enjoy after months of studying and stress.

(This is why we should let people have dreams and be optimistic)

Unfortunately, a lot of people didn’t see it that way. Those who posted their results were called out for being prideful or unnecessarily “flexing”. Some chose to rain on their parade and claim that their scores didn’t really mean anything — that it’s not as if a test can guarantee success or even aptitude. They cruelly made fun of people and belittled their accomplishments, as if they were in a position to look down on anyone.

let people enjoy things

Comic by Adam Ellis

These people who made public their results were simply happy about what they were able to reach. People, in general, should never be made to feel ashamed of their efforts. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being proud of one’s own achievements (as long as it was well-earned and not simply handed down to you). We don’t know what these people went through, how much work they put into earning these accolades. The least we can do is allow them the space to acknowledge their efforts.

(This is why we have to stop asking ourselves what others will think about us)

Then there’s also the issue of these posts perhaps being ‘insensitive’ to those who didn’t do as well. Some insist that publicizing achievements only makes the failures of others hurt worse. That may very well be true, and it may be unfortunate, but it’s not a reason for those who did succeed to pretend they aren’t happy.

It is not their responsibility to take on the burden of everyone’s feelings and sensibilities.


People ought to feel that they can be proud of themselves without diminishing anyone else. Others getting hurt and getting insecure is an inevitability — but it doesn’t mean it’s anyone else’s problem to fix. Our vulnerabilities are our own to take care of. No one should have to make themselves small just so others can feel big.


The point is simple: let’s stop being such haters and allow others to find pride and joy in the things they were able to accomplish, big or small.

What do you think: should people be humble or proud of their achievements?