Stoneriver Hand-Made Bohemian Accessories: Making Magic Out of Stones and Chains


 Photos by Hannah Adriano


Stoneriver Hand-Made Bohemian Accessories: Making Magic Out of Stones and Chains

When in Manila, it’s always such a joy to find beautifully crafted creations that reflect your personal style. My latest discovery are the fine necklaces and bracelets of Stoneriver, a humble project of Kimberly Sabala, who conceived the brand in want of pursuing a personal passion and delivering bohemian minimalist accessories that she felt the local market didn’t currently provide.



Coffee and Crystals



L-R: Krystal Klass Choker (P325.00), Bermuda Flourite Handchain (P300.00) 


At once delicate and striking, Stoneriver’s collection of neckpieces, bracelets and hand chains feature an understated and subtly bohemian aesthetic that is effortlessly wearable and classic. I love how these pieces can easily figure in both full-on hippie garb and muted normcore dressing, adding distinction to an otherwise bland ensemble.



Layering the Ariel’s Tribe Necklace (P325.00) with the Inca Rose Necklace



 Caged Raw Rose Quartz Necklace (P325.00)



 Esmeralda Necklace (P350.00)


Sabala weaves magic out of thin gold-coated chains, wire, and rough semi-precious stones like Agate, Quartz, Amethyst and Amasonite in the palest of pastels to create pieces that are truly inspired in their simplicity. Raw stones are caged in gold-coated wire and made to dangle from chains to make subdued statement pieces, or are accentuated with brass feather charms and beads suspended on longer chains, which look great layered or on their own.



 Inca Rose Necklace – gold-coated chain with genuine Rhodochrosite from Brazil (P345.00)




Every Stoneriver piece is lovingly made by hand and is available in limited quantities only, making each a personal and unique treasure. Sabala describes Stoneriver’s overall appeal to be “Sophisticated Bohemian,” and envision her jewellery to be worn by fearless and creative individuals who have a trained eye for detail and are “conscious of looking put-together and classy.”



 Krystal Klass Rose Quartz Choker when worn




With earnest passion and honest-to-goodness effort evident in each piece, it is only a matter of time before all hippies welcome Stoneriver into their dressers with open arms.



Stoneriver Hand-Made Bohemian Accessories


Available at all Fudgerock branches (Greenhills, Tiendesitas, and Fairview Terraces)


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Stoneriver Hand-Made Bohemian Accessories: Making Magic Out of Stones and Chains