The Stockpile: A Place for Good Food and Good Times

I’ve been working at Ortigas for quite a while now and because there are only a few restaurants that offer good food there, many of us have settled for eating fast food everyday. Thankfully, The Stockpile recently opened in The Sapphire Bloc in Ortigas and they offer all-day breakfast and buy-one-take-one beer.

Good Food and Good Times at The Stockpile

The building where The Stockpile is located is just a few steps away from the main road and is situated near Marco Polo Ortigas. The restaurant is well-lit, has high ceilings and has a cool rustic feel to it. It is owned by Celebrity cousins Geoff and Gabby Eigenmann and Chef Tanya Chua. They officially opened in late September, offering Western-inspired food with funky twists.

We were welcomed with huge smiles by The Stockpile crew and were attended to immediately where they took the time to explain what they were serving and asked us if we wanted everything served one by one or all at once.

Good Food and Good Times at The Stockpile

Pigs Foot Croquette – Php 290

First on the menu is the Pig’s Foot Croquette, which tastes similar to Potato Balls, but with meat in it. Simply put, it’s like creamy sisig turned into small balls of goodness.

Salted Egg Fried Baby Squid with Squid Ink Aioli Php 310

Salted Egg Fried Baby Squid with Squid Ink Aioli – Php 310

This is one of my favorites from everything we tried on the menu. At first, we weren’t sure what these were. We found out they are crispy squids with very tasty squid ink aioli sauce. They’re the perfect pulutan when you’re drinking beer.

Crispy Porchetta and Papaya Salad Php 190

Crispy Porchetta and Papaya Salad – Php 190

I don’t fancy salads, mainly because I don’t really like vegetables, but this one is made out of papaya and has some meat in it. The vinaigrette in it tastes perfect, too.

Good Food and Good Times at The Stockpile

Truffled Four Cheese Pasta with Homemade Smoked Bacon – Php 390

This is one of the menu entries that really caught my attention. Four Cheese and Bacon? Who wouldn’t love that? One order can actually be shared as it is very filling and tasty.

Good Morning Sunshine Php 380

Good Morning Sunshine – Php 380

The Good Morning Sunshine Burger patty is the Stockpile’s own recipe and it is matched with their homemade smoked bacon, topped with a fried egg and served with chips on the side. The patty is well done and you can actually taste the freshness of the meat along with the variety of spices in it.

Good Food and Good Times at The Stockpile

Stockpile 6 hour Slow Roast Porchetta – Php570

The Porchetta is the star of the show. Stockpile prides itself with their very own 6 hour Slow Roast Porchetta. The meat on the inside is very tender and the skin is very crispy and much like our favorite chicharon. This is perfect with white rice and with the vinegar served with it.

Negroni Php 290 | Joe's Brew 230/500

Negroni Php 290 and Joe’s Brew Php 230/500

If you feel like drinking, Stockpile serves a variety of beers, cocktails and wines that will perfectly match any of the menu entries. If you like something strong, we recommend the Negroni, which is part gin, campari, sweet red vermouth and is a bit citrus-y with an orange or lemon peel. On the other hand, Joe’s Brew is perfect for beer lovers as it tastes like your typical pale beer.

Salted Caramel Cheesecake Php220

Salted Caramel Cheesecake – Php220

There is still room for dessert and the Salted Caramel Cheesecake does the trick with its luscious cheesecake topped with some thick salted caramel.

Salted Caramel Cream Camaron Php100/pc

Salted Caramel Cream Camaron – Php100/pc

Last but definitely not the least is the Salted Caramel Cream Macaron that you can buy by piece. I’m sure you won’t settle for just one as the macaron is perfectly made and the salted caramel syrup perfectly compliments the vanilla ice cream in-between.

Overall, The Stockpile is perfect for those days when you just want to hang out with your friends, have dinner or have a drink. It is perfect for groups who want to try and share a variety of food, too.. The menu is packed with different kinds of food, so you won’t run out of things to order. Plus, each entry gives you a little surprise when it comes to taste or presentation. Make sure you visit them soon!

The Stockpile

Level 1, The Sapphire Bloc, Sapphire and Garnett Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City